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Links to other excerpts and chapters from Safe From the War are listed below: Thanks, Chris ********************************* CHAPTER 2 Nunez walked into the roll call room, just before a supervisor entered. After a few minutes Desk Sergeant Morrow finished calling out names and assignments, ending roll call amid the usual banter and […]

Other chapters and excerpts from Safe From the War can be found below: ****************************************** “204 dispatch, I’m arriving.” Sergeant Tillis, one of the few patrol sergeants Nunez thought was worth a damn, pulled off Hanley into the parking lot. He drove low and slow, only in a hurry when an officer was […]

This is actually part two of the thus-far three book Proof of Our Resolve series. And, oddly enough, it’s the book I wrote first. This is from the same book as the car chase excerpt I published a couple months back. I’m not sure now if I’m going to release this book, because it might […]

My good friend and former partner, as in cop partner, not life partner, wrote this. I helped with editing and some other basics, but it’s his story. He said it’s partially based on a dream. Let me (and him) know what you think. —————————————————————– HIS CHOICE It was Monday, my day off, so I was […]

So there I was, minding my own business, on a routine night shift in a small town. Then I received a call. “Domestic violence assault, 201 Johnson street,” a duplex in the projects. I arrived a few minutes later. Another officer, “John”, drove up at the same time. Several children were frantically running around the […]

Early in my career I worked my first fatality accident. Four innocent people were killed by a drunk, legally blind ex-convict who passed out going 90 miles per hour. He crossed a median, drove onto the wrong side of the highway and hit a small car head-on. The victims were all medical professionals going to […]

This essay was published recently in Law Enforcement Today. Of all the destructive forces cops face, probably none is more dangerous than our own ego. When I think of the more egregious mistakes and lapses in judgment I’ve made, I can’t think of many that didn’t involve ego. Some of us, if we’re lucky, […]

So there I was, minding my own business, patrolling a small town on night shift. I had been a cop about nine months. Christmas was a couple of days away, and the town had pretty much shut down. Then I got a call over the radio: “man harassing customers at the truck stop”. I headed […]

So there I was, minding my own business, patrolling the hood on night shift. It was a quiet weeknight, nothing too interesting had happened. The streets were almost empty. I was wandering around looking for stolen cars and hoping for a good call. The dispatcher bumped me. “Suicide in progress” at an apartment complex. I […]

So there I was, minding my own business, ordering breakfast with a few other officers. It was 6:30 a.m. on a school day. Our shift had just started, all was quiet. Then the radio came to life. Fatal accident. On a quiet residential street. Less than two miles from where we stood. We ditched our […]


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