In the media

In the media:

February 27th, 2013 interview on San Antonio’s NPR station: (my interview starts at around 9:45)

Tactical16 internet radio interview (my interview starts around the middle of the episode):

Radio story about my military service and how it affected my family on NPR affiliate KUT Austin:

KUT radio and video story about the VetArts Cooperative, a veteran writer’s group I’m a member of:

Interview on KABB Fox 29 in San Antonio:
UPDATE: Apparently KABB 29’s interviews aren’t kept on their site forever. The link I had posted no longer works. But I swear I was actually on TV once.

Podcast from an appearance I had with two other authors at the Houston Community College college in September 2013:

10 Responses to “In the media”

  1. Hi Chris, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read on your site. You have a fresh and straight-forward narrative style and interesting stories. I appreciated your views on military service in the Austin American-Statesman, and found them helpful in adding another viewpoint to an essay I was working on about contemporary American war stories. Part one of the piece went up recently; part two picks up again with a portion of your argument (and likely comes out in June).

    Good luck with your writing.

    Kara Krauze

    • Kara,

      Just read it and commented. Thank you for that article. It was not just well-written and informative, but it was also balanced. It showed we don’t all feel the same about our experience, and aren’t a monolithic block of people who write the exact same stories about the exact same circumstances.

      Please let me know if I can ever help you with anything.


      • Thanks, Chris. I appreciate your comments on the article site and your remarks here. I look forward to reading more of your work.


  2. Hi Chris, are you aware of this military related mystery? My husband Dan thought you would potentially be able to help solve it through your military connections, and asked that I send you the link. Terry Jenkins

  3. 7 Dennis Clark

    Hi Chris. It’s Clark the old guy that was with you in Kosovo also shared the house with you guys

  4. Hi Chris. I just saw your piece on the Ferguson, MO debacle. You are 100 percent correct on your writing and observations, I am the Mother of a police lieutenant in the city of St. Louis, and very much want him to read this. He is not on Facebook, so I am going to try to email this to him. He sent me a pic last night of a sort of a feeling of good will trying to emerge between the police and city residents. BTW, he and his brother and Dad and Grandpa are all Marines. I did not say ex-Marines, because there is no such thing.

  5. 9 J. Hoffa

    You need a lesson on what staying in your lane means!

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