I have a few regrets that are eating at me lately. For example, I regret waiting until I was in my late 30’s to have my last child. I regret not shooting one particular Taliban on one particular mission. I regret missing so much of my children’s lives while I served overseas. I’ll never admit this to my wife even though she already knows it’s true, but I regret buying my old sports car that I’ll never restore like I planned. I regret not following my assistant team leader’s advice after Michael Jackson died, when he told me we should change our radio call signs to Thriller, Billy Jean and Smooth Criminal. I regret not joining the regular Army to be a tank crewman after I got married. I regret selling my old M1 Grarand and Springfield 03-A3 rifles even though it seemed like a good idea at the time. And I really I regret putting my wife through a lot of unnecessary heartache. 

My biggest, most recent regret? When I started this blog I decided to make a new post every Sunday, which wasn’t the best choice. I regret choosing Sunday! I’ve learned that I get the best reader response when I post on weekday mornings, because amazingly enough people at work monitor Facebook and Twitter when they’re supposed to be working. Therefore I won’t post my next story Sunday as usual, instead I’ll post it Monday morning. To make up for this horrible disruption in the normal routine, which I know many millions of people schedule their lives around (humor me, guys), I promise my next story will be breathtaking even while it’s life-altering. This is no easy task, but dang it, you deserve it for having to suffer through this dramatic alteration to the most important written part of your lives.

Thanks for your patience with me while I get this whole blogging thing down, guys. See you Monday!


6 Responses to “Regrets”

  1. 1 Manal Broeckelmann

    My dear friend Chris,
    Every regret in life is a learning lesson and something positive eventually comes out of it. However, I’m not sure I can handle you changing the blog date from Sunday to Monday. But wait, I think I can pencil you in on Monday morning while having my coffee.
    Seriously, I really enjoy your blogs and I look forward to reading them any day of the week:)

    • Manal, it may make you feel better to know I agonized for countless seconds before making such a drastic life change. I hope the blog makes your Monday coffee more enjoyable. Thanks for reading, amiga.

  2. 3 Sonita

    I will read them any day so stop all that regretting stuff. You can be a father at any age and an author at any age and be a great one which I am positive you are!!!

  3. 5 Roy

    Can’t wait, dude! And yes, I’m part of these people who first check their FB account before starting to work…

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