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Several weeks ago I was at a critique circle reading one of my true cop stories, “Just Another Night on Smith Street”. It’s about a shooting outside a club in a bad part of town. ( The way this critique circle works, everyone brings their piece, every member reads each piece and writes comments, then […]

This essay was published several days ago by ——————————– Since we’re currently embroiled in a national debate about unemployment benefits… Not surprisingly, most conservatives aren’t too sympathetic to the idea of extending unemployment benefits. Less surprising, most liberals are. I keep seeing articles and social media posts describing conservatives of being uncaring, evil […]

Last Saturday author Lilas Taha published a short interview with me on her blog. I posted a short interview with her last week. Lilas and I have NOTHING in common; she’s a liberal Muslim from the Middle East, I’m a conservative agnostic Texan who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. But we got to know each […]

This coming Saturday, January 18th, barring any unforeseen circumstances, my new novel Line in the Valley will be released by Tactical16 Publishing. As with my last book, it will first be an eBook only and will be available in print later. The more people buy and review it, the sooner it’ll be in print (hint […]

Fair warning: the following story contains crude, juvenile military humor. I regret nothing. ————— No joke, there I was, asleep in bed in my barracks at a small National Guard base. I was in week 7 or so of a 10 week course. My roommate and one of my best friends, “Doc Shelby”, was asleep […]