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As I said in my introductory post, I try to stay away from politics. That’s just about impossible at the moment, as our impending election leads family members, friends and neighbors to accuse each other of being either “commies” or “nazipublicans”. I’m always amazed at the level of invective the opposing sides hurl at each […]

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about being tough. Unlike most other cops, I don’t consider myself especially tough. I’ve always been short and skinny, and never had the attitude that I was tougher than everyone else. Well, maybe I did for about one week when I first became a cop. But then […]

So it’s official: I’m a published author. This means, of course, my life will be drastically different from now on. Hippies who have tried and failed to write books on world peace during their brief periods of sobriety will gaze upon me with envy. Passing women in the street will have an overwhelming urge to […]

Death Blossom: A last-ditch defense technique, used by the final remaining friendly fighter spacecraft, to destroy a swarm of attacking enemy fighters. When the Death Blossom was initiated the friendly fighter spun in random patterns while firing every weapon in all directions. From a scene in the 1984 sci-fi movie “The Last Starfighter.” So no […]



I have a few regrets that are eating at me lately. For example, I regret waiting until I was in my late 30’s to have my last child. I regret not shooting one particular Taliban on one particular mission. I regret missing so much of my children’s lives while I served overseas. I’ll never admit this […]