Please Donate to Wolfgang Halbig’s Traveling Clown Show!


To all you “Sandy Hook truthers” who donated hard-earned money to Wolfgang Halbig: your money was well-spent.

Because he went and did it. On May 6th Wolfgang Halbig, the alleged former cop and “Sandy Hook truther” who has been begging his followers for donations, actually went to Newtown, Connecticut to “find the truth” firsthand. And you know how he went about searching for the truth? He went to a school board meeting.

That’s right. Halbig berated the Newtown school board. Because obviously, the school board has been pulling all the strings of this massive conspiracy.

Here’s video of the meeting:

Of course, when the board members came “eyeball to eyeball” with Halbig (his words), they immediately broke. After Halbig’s first question, the board collectively said, “Curses! You’ve caught us! Yes, we faked the massacre! No children died that day! We lied about it so we could pass new gun control laws! And we would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you meddling truthers!”

Well, actually, that didn’t happen. Halbig didn’t even ask questions. Instead, he just made a rambling statement about how the school board should tell the truth, then sat down. The board stayed silent. In fact, they refused to respond to any of the wackos and morons who attended the meeting. Even the wacko who showed up in a Paul Revere costume.

Shocked? Me neither.

Halbig did his best to sound reasonable. The problem is, he’s not. He claimed his questions weren’t offensive to any parents who lost children. Since he’s calling those parents liars, that’s nonsense. He also says his questions aren’t offensive to any Connecticut police officers involved in the investigation. Since he accuses the officers of lying about an event he claims never happened, that’s nonsense.

He also explained, with hurt obvious in his voice, that his offers to help had been ignored. Two days after the massacre, he called Newtown. He told people he was a school safety expert. He tried to help. But amazingly enough, nobody at Newtown asked this private citizen, not working in law enforcement, from another state, with no connection whatsoever to the crime, to get involved in the investigation.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, for some insane reason people who actually are involved in the investigation aren’t rushing to answer all of Halbig’s stupid questions.

I have to wonder, is anyone surprised by this? If some self-righteous weirdo with no connection to a crime tries to insert himself into the investigation, law enforcement should ignore him. When that same self-righteous weirdo then demands answers to a list of stupid, irrelevant questions (“I want to know who ordered portajohns three hours after the shooting!”), anyone with a brain dismisses him. When said weirdo then travels to Newtown and makes a pointless statement to the school board, what’s the right thing to do?

Personally, I think the right thing to do is publicly humiliate him. But freezing him out with silence is almost as good.

As of today, Halbig has raked in over $20,000 ( Thus far he’s used it to file Freedom of Information Act requests (which don’t cost $20K), fly to Newtown (which doesn’t cost $20K) and make a three-minute statement to a school board (which doesn’t cost anything at all). Based on all that, I’m going to make a prediction:

Halbig isn’t going to get any eyeball-to-eyeball answers in Newtown. His FOIA requests aren’t going to turn up anything new either. Does Halbig think the government, after releasing the official report with thousands of pages of documents, is keeping secret documents titled “OPERATION ‘TAKE THEIR GUNS’: THE MASTER PLAN TO FAKE A SCHOOL MASSACRE”? How big of a dumbass do you have to be to think Sandy Hook was a massive conspiracy, but the entire thing can be brought down by an FOIA request?

“Haha! We did it! We faked a school massacre, and got away with it! We’ll never get caught! Wait, what’s this? Oh my god, it’s an FOIA request! Now we have to give up all the evidence proving this was a conspiracy! We’re doomed!”

Halbig has accomplished nothing with that $20K. So now he’s going to ask for more. He’s going to scream and rant about the government’s refusal to answer his questions, he’s going to receive some documents that he’ll claim are lies like the official report, and he’ll ask for more money so he can go back to Newtown to really get the truth. And maybe he will actually go back, and he’ll file more FOIA requests. But he still won’t learn anything new.

Then he’ll ask for more money. And moronic “truthers” will keep giving it to him.

Since I first wrote about Halbig and the stunning stupidity of the Sandy Hook truther movement (, I’ve wasted many hours debating conspiracy theorists. Pointing out obvious facts is useless on them. And they keep acting like their stupid questions somehow prove something. So I’ll say this, which I think is a good bottom-line statement to all conspiracy theorists:

Questions aren’t evidence. Under the Constitution and Bill of Rights, which most of you claim to love, we can’t convict people without evidence. If you believe in convicting people without evidence, you’re an anti-American piece of crap. So if you have actual evidence of a conspiracy, lay it out. If you don’t, then shut the f**k up.

43 Responses to “Please Donate to Wolfgang Halbig’s Traveling Clown Show!”

  1. 1 Mike P

    “I have to wonder, is anyone surprised by this? If some self-righteous weirdo with no connection to a crime tries to insert himself into the investigation, law enforcement should ignore him.” I kinda lean towards locking him up for impeding the investigation. That’d set the truthers a tizzy.

    • He hasn’t impeded anything though. He’s just an aggravation. There’s no crime in being a douche. God forbid we take away conspiracy theorists’ right to be stupid. 🙂

    • 3 Pat Lilley

      try locking me up, you freak show. youre allergic to truth. by the way, where are your immigration papers? It’s not Halbig that we are donating to. We want to know the answers to some questions. everytime a question is asked, the answer runs. hell, Coonecticut is the ONLY state in the disUnion that hides all death certificates, all crime scene photos, all witness testimony and all 911 calls. and we are the nut jobs? In as nice a way as i can pu it. EAT A BUCKET OF SHIT. WE ARE STILL COMING AND WE AINT GONNA STOP. LIES ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE OVER AMERICA AND YOUR LITTLE BLOG OF INSULTS SURE ISNT GOING TO STOP THIOSE WHO SEE SHIT THAT DOESNT ADD UP AND NOT ASK QUESTIONS. IF KIDS ARE GOING TO BE KILLED AND PRONOUNCED DEAD BY NON-MEDICAL PERSONNEL IN 8 MINUTES, YOU BETTER KEEP THAT SHIT IN CONNVILLE, BECAUSE WE AINT BUYING IT. NOW BE SURE AND DELETE THIS ASAP, BECAUSE FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS A BAD THING TOO. COMMIE !!!

      • Adjust your meds, bro.

        And good luck bringing down this vast conspiracy. Let me know when you find actual evidence of “the truth.”

      • 5 Steve

        All of the questions have either been answered or they’re irrelevant. If you choose not to accept the answers, that’s your problem and nobody else’s.

  2. 6 Jeff Gauch

    One of the greatest benefits of the capitalist system is that it quickly parts a fool and his money.

    Now, brace yourselves. Whackos are coming.

    • I figure they’ll come out too. Or maybe they’ve given up on me. I hope they attack me for being a “shill” again, that was kinda fun.

  3. 8 RandyGC

    I think he should be grateful he got out town safely. If my child had been a victim there, I’d be real tempted to discuss his “unoffensive” questions with a lead pipe as an attention getter.

    I’m not advocating such a response (I think derision/ignoring them is sufficient), but I would certainly understand it.

    • I feel the same way about the Westboro Baptist Church. Yes, they have every right to protest at soldiers’ funerals. No, if they get pummeled by a soldier’s family I won’t cry over it.

  4. 10 DTWND

    These “investigative professionals” sound and act more like some nosy neighbors on a tv situation comedy peeking thru their window blinds and making assumptions based on seeing one part of the scene.

    By the way, Chris, did you get the okay to run this from your handlers? <>
    Get ready for the looneys to start writing again.

  5. 14 Aesop

    Thus proving to a mathematical certainty that P.T. Barnum was right when he spoke the immortal words,
    “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

    Thanks for the glimpse of the clown show, Chris.

  6. Oh yeah, here come the crazies any time now….again…..

    Most of us who have spent any amount of time in government service have a pretty good idea of the incompetence and petty bureaucracy that runs rampant there. Every time I hear some extravagant conspiracy therory, I remember that. The gov. couldn’t pull it off. Some schmuck would screw it up/blab to his boyfriend/put it on youtube or facebook or something in a week.

    • The one that gets me the most is the story I’ve heard about a 6 year old girl from SH being interviewed on a talk show. Conspiracy theorists claim she slipped and said “it was a drill”, but then corrected herself. She almost gave it away! And I wonder just how fucking stupid you have to be to think the government is trusting 6 and 7 year old kids to keep their mouths shut about the conspiracy. Do these morons really think kids know the truth, but they’ve been trained to lie about it?

    • 18 theotherside

      So, you’re saying you’re incompetent and petty?

  7. 19 Angela

    I think the school board did an excellent job of not laughing out loud.

  8. 20 GSP

    This is what 9/11 truthers and Sandy Hook truthers sound like.

    • 21 Stephanie

      PLEASE explain The United Way setting up a donation website FOUR days BEFORE the alleged shooting @ Sandy Hook school !! OR, many of the “surviving” families “go fund me” accounts that were set up on Dec. 13, the DAY BEFORE ! ???? Please explain this to us “crazies” that are just seeking the REAL truth about the alleged incident.

      • It took about four seconds to find this online. The Daily Caller has even looked into it and found an email from Google saying this particular “incorrect date” conspiracy theory came from a technical glitch, the same type of glitch that’s occurred in other cases.

        So there are two possibilities: either both the United Way *and* Google are part of the conspiracy to fake a massacre, or the December 11th date was a glitch.

        If it was a conspiracy, now the local cops, county cops, state police, FBI, DA’s office, local media, local EMS, local funeral homes, local residents, families of all the victims, the Newtown school board, the state education organization, and the National Sport Shooting Foundation (which is based in Newtown) were all involved in the conspiracy.

        Which is more likely?

  9. 23 Joe in PNG

    One little fact that conspiracy theorist tend to forget is that human memory is strange. As a little experiment, get with a few family members and set down a detailed description of the events of the past Easter. Note the discrepencies and contradictions. By conspiraist logic, the family Easter gathering never happened, or was faked, I guess.

    • 24 Allen

      The thing is truthers (of all types) are convinced they have discovered
      some scandalous secret. They will never let it go.

  10. 25 Steve

    Last week, one “Truther” stole a sign at a playground that was built in memory of one of the victims.
    Then he called the girl’s mother and told her that her daughter never existed.
    Stupidity is one thing. A total lack of basic human decency is another.

  11. 30 Steve

    They’ve found a new “expert”.:

    I’ve never heard of a career track in education that starts at custodian and ends at superintendent, though I guess it’s possible.
    He says Obama officials told him it was a drill, but without giving anyone’s names, I’m inclined to think he made the whole thing up.

  12. 33 jim

    Mr. hernandez. I realize there are a TON of morons out there making assertions as though they were fact. I would like to know however, can you say with 100% certainty that the government had nothing to do with sandy hook or 9/11.

    • I don’t have to. If someone is making that fantastically stupid claim, the burden is on them to prove it. I don’t have to disprove it.

      • 35 jim

        I’m not asking you to prove anything, just about your degree of certainty.

        • I’m certain our government is far too inept to coordinate and control the actions of the thousands of people who would be required to pull off these imaginary conspiracies.

          • 37 jim

            No question on the ineptitude. I don’t buy that the gov. scripted a town full of people. They didn’t put their secrets in the hands of a 7 year old. I just can’t say with 100% certainty that our gov. in no way, shape, form or fashion, had anything to do with this. 9/11 or sandy hook, either one could have been pilled off, in simple form, by a team no larger than a seal team operation. No, I’m not saying seals did it! I’m not certain the gov. did have anything to do with it, just find it interesting you will not commit to 100% certainty that they had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with this.

          • Each of those alleged conspiracies would have required thousands of willing participants. On what do you base you “no more than a SEAL team” claim on?

  13. 39 jim

    You misquoted me. accuracy in quotation is VERY important. There were less people involved in 9/11, if we look at the view that Bin laden and his boys did it, than were sitting around Obama when Bin laden was executed. We are not as smart as the guy we trained? I read an article titled “PROOF:MARSHAL LAW COMING!-MILITARY VEHICLE TRAIN SLAMS SEMI”. That is not proof of shit. As a final note, I’ll say this. I will assume your use of the word certain was not relatively speaking, rather based on the definition of the word as being fact. those who refuse to accept the possibility are no better than those who peddle the other side as fact.

    • 40 Steve

      Was “Marshal Law” spelled that way in the headline or is that how you spelled it?

    • Jim,

      How did we “train” OBL?

      Also, I don’t accept impossibilities. What’s been proposed, that the government coordinated the activities of thousands of people to bring down the towers, and that not a single one of those people has been identified or spoken out in 13 years, is impossible. I also don’t accept the “possibility” that a clown lives on the dark side of the moon. If you have evidence that 9/11 was a government conspiracy, lay it out. If not, don’t suggest that I’m somehow as bad as a “truther” for refusing to believe the impossible.

  1. 1 Among Real First Responders, Sandy Hook Hoaxer Wolfgang Halbig is Persona Non Grata | Newtown Post-Examiner

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