Memorial Day video tribute


I was just sent this Memorial Day tribute video, made by the makers of The Hornet’s Nest. It is very well done, please take a look. Happy Memorial Day, guys.

8 Responses to “Memorial Day video tribute”

  1. 1 Kathryn Greten

    This just made me cry..I definately know Freedom is not FREE….and I just thank you from my heart…

  2. 2 RandyGC

    Thanks Chris.

    Now I have to go check the air filters, dusty in here…

  3. 4 Bob K

    Thanks for the reminder about why we have Memorial Day. And Veterans Day, for that matter. And Independence Day, among others. And why we should remember the important things, and people, the rest of the year. Gotta see the movie ASAP.

  4. 5 Heath

    I looked up showing locations in Texas, only one in north Dallas. Any word on whether or not there will be other locations in Texas?

    • I saw it in Houston, and I know it was showing in San Antonio, but apparently not anymore. I’m worried that theaters are pulling it already.

  5. 7 Angela

    Two thumbs way up!

  6. 8 Ken Hawley

    Sadly, this is no longer showing in Houston, but is still in Killeen and Grapevine. I read a piece describing their unusual releasing strategy. They started in military friendly places before national release, but that does not explain Houston. Maybe that was just so Chris could see it! It opened in NY and CA on May 30. Presumably, if it keeps getting good reviews (LFM’s review was very positive), it will come back around again.

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