Line in the Valley now available in print


Just wanted to let any interested parties know that my second novel, Line in the Valley, is now available in print on Amazon. If you don’t like eBooks and have been counting the seconds until you could hold a real copy of Line in the Valley in your hands, your prayers have been answered! If you do order one, please let me know what you think. Thanks,

Chris Hernandez

4 Responses to “Line in the Valley now available in print”

  1. 1 Uncle Kenny

    Order on its way.
    Now for that Houston book …

  2. Considering that I started “Line In The Valley” for oh, about the fifth time last night, I have to ask. If I order a hard copy and have it sent to you, can you sign it for me? And I’m with Uncle Kenny, I hope that there’s something about the Houston shoot-out in the works. SF.

  3. 3 SPEMack

    Just now ordered it. Love me some dead tree versions. I’ll read it again when it gets here and post a review. The little sister has drafted the Kindle for the duration, so I’ll have to wait to re-read for an accurate review.

  4. 4 Nick42


    FYI – Both the hardcover nor paperwork pages on Amazon appear to be missing the book description.

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