Tim McGraw is Part of the Sandy Hook Conspiracy!



So here’s an interesting development. Tim McGraw is putting on a concert to support an organization called Sandy Hook Promise. Sandy Hook Promise supports laws and efforts to protect children from gun violence (I realize this concert is somewhat controversial, but that’s not the point of this essay.) McGraw is doing this partly because his longtime fiddle player, Dean Brown, has a close friend named Mark Barden. Barden is also a musician, and lost a child in the Sandy Hook Massacre.



1) Mark Barden lost a child at Sandy Hook;
2) Mark Barden is a musician and good friend of Dean Brown;
3) Dean Brown is Tim McGraw’s fiddle player and has been for 22 years; so
4) Tim McGraw will perform at a concert to support a Sandy Hook-affiliated organization.

Why is this interesting? Because the Sandy Hook Massacre never happened! It was faked by the government! The school was closed years before the fake massacre! No children were killed! The “parents” were all actors! [Insert whatever other ridiculously moronic claim you feel is appropriate].

The inescapable conclusion is that Tim McGraw is part of the Sandy Hook conspiracy. Honest!

A fellow writer, Maya Bonhoff, pointed something out in a comment on another post yesterday: if there was no massacre and no children were killed, Dean Brown either doesn’t know his longtime friend Mark Barden is a government shill or Brown is part of the conspiracy. Likewise, McGraw either doesn’t know his fiddle player of two decades is a government shill, or McGraw is part of the conspiracy.

Maya explains this better than I can:

“How do the CHFF (Conspiracy/Hoax/False Flag) advocates propose that this connection has not resulted in the whole deal being blown? Does Dean Brown not realize that Mark Barden is 1) a crisis actor paid to pretend to have had a son, 2) a citizen of Newtown who never had a son, but has been hired by the government to pretend he did, 3) has a son who is still alive but in hiding somewhere, 4) had a son who was killed by the government, but is accepting money to pretend that Adam Lanza really did the deed?

If he does know one of these things, why has he not come forward? He’s just the sort of person CHFF advocates posit is in a position to blow the whistle on a CHFF of whatever nature.

Take your pick of the above or advance a new theory, then please respond. How does a conspiracy in an open environment (not hidden somewhere and where traffic from outside is not limited) account for all such connections of people to the world?

My point is that this connection between a Sandy Hook parent and a high profile friend, who is frequently in the limelight and who travels extensively, is just one out of thousands that would have to have been carefully researched and accounted for in the plan with contingency plans for every one of them.”

Maya is an accomplished author, and discusses the logical and logistical problems inherent to conspiracy theories from a writer’s perspective in this post: http://bookviewcafe.com/blog/2014/05/14/truthers-vs-writers-time-freeze-frames-connections-and-back-story/

Maya very politely asks Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists to address this connection between Tim McGraw and a [fake] Sandy Hook parent. I’d also like them to address it, but my request is far less polite.

Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists are a bunch of brain-dead morons. The kindest thing I can say about them is maybe they’re mentally ill or suffering from Alzheimer’s, rather than simply being window-licking stupid. Please, conspiracy theorists, explain why Tim McGraw is putting on this concert. Does McGraw know the massacre never happened? Is he part of the conspiracy? Is he innocent and being manipulated by his evil fiddle player Dean Brown, who actually is part of the conspiracy? Or are both McGraw and Brown being tricked by Mark Barden, who conned his longtime friend Brown into believing his son was murdered?

Please come up with some plausible explanation. I’ll hang out here until you do. In over two years you haven’t come up with even one actual piece of evidence to support your stupid “theory”, so I won’t hold my breath waiting for you to actually say something logical.

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Chris Hernandez is a 20 year police officer, former Marine and currently serving National Guard soldier with over 25 years of military service. He is a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan and also served 18 months as a United Nations police officer in Kosovo. He writes for BreachBangClear.com and Iron Mike magazine and has published two military fiction novels, Proof of Our Resolve and Line in the Valley, through Tactical16 Publishing. He can be reached at chris_hernandez_author@yahoo.com or on his Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ProofofOurResolve).


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  1. 1 Lynn

    Don’t forget to add Paul Simon and Harry Connick Jr. to the conspiracy, as they both performed at services for SHE victims.

  2. 2 Linda Martin

    You need to leave those parents alone, and shut the hell up!

  3. Why didn’t the parent file a lawsuit for medical personnel not being allowed to enter the building? Who declared all the children dead in 5 minutes, why no trauma helicopters ordered with a 13 minute flight time. Why did the FBI classify the case. Why is Adam lanzas photo photoshopped with a straight line on his neck? Why didn’t the dash cameras capture a single student leaving the building? Why did the school have mold growing all over it. Why no internet traffic from the school? Why haven’t they responded to Wolfhang Halbig’s freedom of information requests in over 19 months. Why did the coroner say such weird things in the press conference? Why not a single tear from a parent? Why is gene Rosen acting? ….

    • 5 MB

      Not a single tear from a parent? Seriously?


    • 6 Jeff Gauch

      I think we’ve set a record for greatest disconnect between an online handle and the content of a comment.

    • 1) “Why didn’t the parent file a lawsuit for medical personnel not being allowed to enter the building? ”

      Because EMS staged away from the building and set a triage station as per protocol. They weren’t kept away from the school, they did what EMS does on unsecured scenes. You know nothing about that because you’re a window-licking moron.

      2) ” Who declared all the children dead in 5 minutes?”

      Nobody. Fives minutes into the incident the officers hadn’t found all the victims. Police reported victims were obviously dead, which we do all the time. That’s not an official pronouncement, it’s the officer reporting what he sees. You know nothing about that because you’re a window-licking moron.

      3) “Why no trauma helicopters ordered with a 13 minute flight time?”

      Because two trauma centers were close enough that transporting by ambulance would have been faster. Helicopters don’t magically appear, they need cleared landing zones and won’t land in an area not considered secure. You know nothing about EMS helicopters because you’re a window-licking moron.

      4) “Why did the FBI classify the case?”

      The FBI typically classifies investigations. The Columbine investigation was classified for years after the incident. You know nothing about real investigations because you’re a window-licking moron.

      5) “Why is Adam lanzas photo photoshopped with a straight line on his neck?”

      First, I know nothing about this alleged photo. Second, anyone can Photoshop a picture and put it on the internet. Unless you have evidence a specific person Photoshopped the picture, and that person is connected to your alleged conspiracy, a Photoshopped picture means jack-shit. You don’t understand this because you’re a window-licking moron.

      6) “Why didn’t the dash cameras capture a single student leaving the building?”

      You mean the dash camera video that shows kids leaving the building at 2:40 and 3:20?

      Idiots like you have been sharing that video, that shows kids being evacuated from the school, and saying “This video doesn’t show kids being evacuated!” You do stupid things like that because you’re window-licking morons.

      7) “Why did the school have mold growing all over it?”

      First, I don’t know if that’s true. Second, that seems to be a problem in the sandy Hook area. There’s even a company that specifically advertises for mold removal in Sandy Hook, which in addition to being the school’s name is also a village in Newtown.


      You could have found that out with five seconds of Googling, but you didn’t bother to do that because you’re a window-licking moron.

      8) “Why no internet traffic from the school?”

      First, I’d like to know how you know about any internet traffic or lack thereof. Second, it was a school full of elementary school kids who likely didn’t have phones. Third, who cares. Internet traffic is not a necessary part of a massacre. You’re desperate for “evidence” this was a conspiracy, so you latch onto meaningless bits of possible information. Because you’re a window-licking moron.

      9) “Why haven’t they responded to Wolfhang Halbig’s freedom of information requests in over 19 months?”

      Couldn’t tell you and don’t care. The CT State Police released a huge report with over 800 PDF files containing actual pertinent information. Window-licking moron Halbig is demanding ridiculous, irrelevant information that has nothing to do with the massacre. I don’t know how long an FOIA request usually takes, and yes the government has a responsibility to respond. But I’m not concerned that window-licking morons like Halbig and you aren’t getting speedy answers to your stupid questions.

      By the way, when you do get answers, they’re not going to prove your little conspiracy fantasy. So you’re going to scream about fake answers to the FOIA request and file another one, which puts the whole thing back at square one anyway. So there’s no real reason to give Halbig a quicker answer.

      10) “Why did the coroner say such weird things in the press conference?”

      When a window-licking moron claims something is weird, their opinion can be immediately dismissed.

      11) “Why not a single tear from a parent?”

      You’re a fucking asshole. That’s why so many people hate “truthers”. Because you’re not just window-licking morons, you’re inhuman douchebags.


      Look at picture 8.

      12) “Why is gene Rosen acting?”

      Why do people like you make statements like this, as if they’re proven to be true? Because you’re window-licking morons, that’s why.

  4. 8 Don Davis

    “window licking stupid” …… Chris, you hit the nail on the head with that!

  5. 9 ScotM

    “You’re a window-licking moron”

    Chris Hernandez is my hero!

    It amazes me that after ALL the conversation in your first two pieces, we still see dissenters coming up with hairbrained questions like these

  6. From what I’ve seen, ALL conspiracy theorists are brain-dead morons. I use it as a conversation-qualifier.

    “Oh, you think 9-11 was an inside job? Thank you for informing me that you’re not qualified to hold a conversation with anything smarter than a brick. Have a nice day.”

  7. 11 Tam

    Sandy Hook “investigator” William Podgorski was former DHS, posing as CT State Police. Podgorski didn’t “die from sudden undisclosed illness.” He got reassigned under a new name — by DHS — when folks began asking too many questions about Sandy Hook.

    Since Podgorski was the Trooper in charge of the Western District of CT, he was the lead (Newtown shooting) investigator. Since ZERO evidence existed from the (fake) Sandy Hook massacre, all the Police/FBI reports were fabricated, based on planted evidence.

    THAT is why the Federal Government vanished (relocated) William Podgorski in a hurry — because they couldn’t allow him to be dragged into court to testify.

    Ask LT VANCE (next to get Disappeared by DHS):

    AR-15 WASN’T used at Sandy Hook. Newtown “shooting” was a Gun Grab hoax — to trick America into disarming. LT Vance didn’t mention that Sandy hook was FAKE during his Sandy Hook press conference:

    Police Evidence photos show a gun-range target stamped “FBI USE” in Nancy Lanza’s basement:

    Everyone knows Sandy Hook shooting was a Hoax (to ban AR15 rifles) but LT VANCE keeps lying and pretending it was real.

    Forensic Proof that Adam Lanza’s AR15 DIDN’T blow out the window at Sandy Hook Elementary:


    Look at this Photo:

    At Boston Hoaxathon, JEFF BAUMAN does “crunches” like he’s at the gym. Holding his head off the ground like that is difficult even if you’re laying by the swimming pool. Yet we’re supposed to believe he maintains these difficult positions after getting both legs blown off.

    They needed Jeff Bauman’s face/head “up” and visible because they were shooting the scene for the cover of TIME and NEWSWEEK. They told “Jeff Bauman” to make sure his face was visible — and they told everyone ELSE “when the bomb goes off, don’t block our shot of Jeff Bauman until we tell you it’s OK to approach him, because if you approach him the photographers will only get pictures of your rear end, spoiling the shot.”

    • 12 ScotM

      Hey Tam, hold on a second, i have some foil hats for you. You’re a real special kind of stupid, aren’t you? What proof, other than lunatic YouTube rants do you have for ANY of your claims?

    • 13 Michelle

      I never understand you truthers. If the conspirators are so dastardly, why on earth would they need actors to “fake” having had their legs blown off by terrorists? Why would they need people to “pretend” that their children have been shot by school shooters? Why would the conspirators not just go ahead and blow real people up and shoot real children and trick real Muslims into “believing” they are actually jihadis and convince them to fly “real” planes into NY highrises and government buildings? According to your conspiracy theories the conspirators are evil, but not that evil. If I were to care enough to conspire, I would do it right. Some of you don’t lick the window directly, you lick your fingers and rub the spit on the window to see what pretty patterns it makes.

    • 14 Joe in PNG

      I am going to venture that “Tam” is not actually famed bloggeress Tamara Keel of “View From the Porch” fame, but rather a clueless windowlicker stealing her name for cheap credibility.

    • 18 Scott Timmons

      I’m 99% sure this is not a post from Tamslick (Tamera Keel). Tam’s posts are always succinct, well-thought out and generally have very little B-S.
      Tam, I know you follow Chris, your referral is how I found his blog, please come on here and either respond regarding your purported authorship of the above or make the point in your own inimitable style.
      BTW, many of us are still missing the ice cream and snark!

    • 19 Jdb

      You’ve obviously never been around people missing legs or other bits of anatomy. Yes, it’s horrific. In fact, in my experience, it’s so horrific that you don’t really realize the horror until later – you just kind of blank it out, especially if immediate action is required. I once helped evacuate two patients from a major explosion site. Both were badly mutilated (not quite as bad as the legless runner in your photo – but that’s actually the guy/picture I showed to my wife after the fact to show her what I’d seen/experienced) – one guy died.
      I saw and helped with some truly horrific stuff on that day – but at the time all the responders and bystanders were very calm (if pale and shaken). There was no screaming, wailing, anything. Not even the patients were screaming, and one was conscious. No one flipped out.
      We worked fast because of the fear of a secondary explosion. When the FBI arrived they wouldn’t enter the site initially, citing the danger. We didn’t have time to ponder the horror or have a breakdown – we had to MOVE.
      Go become a firefighter for a couple years. You will learn a lot about the real world.

      Oh, and plenty of people use “FBI” Q targets. That means nothing. I have some “LE/MIL Only” mags from the ban-years. That doesn’t mean I’m secret-funded agent – it means I bought some police-trade in gear.

  8. 20 Keith

    Well I don’t know about the rest of you but “Tam’s” goofy pics got me convinced! Now I just need to find some windows…

  9. The most convenient thing about conspiracy theories is that any fact or logically based questioning of them serves as proof of the truth of the theory. When there is something you want to believe, in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, it just doesn’t get any better than that.

    • 22 ssgcmwatson

      Not to mention that lack of evidence becomes “it’s a cover-up” and evidence that runs counter to your theory is simply called “clever disinformation” or some such.

  10. 23 daveinga

    i watched this fiasco develop from above (tv news copters) all morning as I finished my year end inspections. no medevac responded. police illegally declared everybody dead w/in the 1st few minutes. no ambulances or other medical personnel were allowed anywhere near the school for almost an hour. the school pking lot should have been lined w/ ambulances, as well as medevac copters. the road to the school was blocked at the fire station. I kept waiting for the 500+ children and staff to start popping out of the building after it was secured. never happened. i never saw any child come out of that building. none. nada. there was very little activity at all once the building was attacked by cops. the coroner told the parents they would never be allowed to see their children again (see the video of the coroner’s interview). not in this lifetime would i buy that. the catch and release of off duty cops from another district (out for a jog?) was captured on film and played over and over. on the scene witnesses said one handcuffed guy was sitting in the FRONT seat of a cop car. and don’t forget the extra sweatshirts strewn about the perp’s car. guess lanza didn’t want to be overdressed? I have yet to see any mention of these captured guy(s) in any official reports. the coroner reported huge gaping holes in the small bodies made by a .223? its a very small round and would have taken quite a while to blow out the security glass w/ it. the 20 y.o. sickly perp weighed 112 lbs and stood 6′ tall (coroner’s report), yet he managed to still fire like a pro and climb through the hole in the window while weighted down by 1/3 his body wt. in arms/ammo/gear? no pix taken of any of this, and the pix of the newly installed school cameras disappeared. the school was a mess as shown in the few unredacted police pix/video for anybody bothering to look. some areas/hallways were absolutely filthy. others looked brand new. the parking lot had no a.d.a required (blue) markings. ditto for the restrooms on a.d.a. requirements, not that the small k1-4 children could have reached the toilets or the sinks anyhow. ditto for the outdated computer lab. there were boxes/junk piled 6′ high and higher in almost every room, over very small children? 2 bullets supposedly hit only one car in the pking lot, traveling from different directions? there was no sign of x-mas anywhere children might have seen them (looked like an afterthought on a couple windows) on dec. 14? yeah, right. the school was over 50 y.o. and heavily contaminated w/ pcb’s, asbestos and lead paint, as are most all old schools still being used for storage. the school and the lanza home (all evidence) have been destroyed and masses of federal $$ has flowed into this community since, hence the new s.h. school. no lawsuits have been filed by the parents against the usual deep pockets. ALL the parents appear to be anti-gun and the only lawsuit I have heard about was against the gun manuf. oh, and you must get permission to file a lawsuit from the son of the head cop. cute. the police pix showed huge fans front & center in almost every class room, in dec.? we don’t even have that down here. f.e.m.a. drill for this same scenario was taking place right down the street at the same time? btw, holder visited the area the month before about the same sort of stuff.

    meanwhile, down at the fire station there are children all over place, people walking in mindless circles, green screens, porta-potties, flashing signs directing people to sign in, everybody wearing tags, and 26 x-mas trees already delivered on the side of the building (later used in the memorial).

    folks, before you criticize the people telling you something isn’t right here, go look at the police pix. listen to the police calls and the other calls coming in as it happened that they haven’t seized, and do due diligence before you automatically believe what this corrupt gov. is telling you.

  11. I’m looking forward to Chris’s reply to daveinga, this’ll be good.

    • Sorry man, been tied up. I’ll get to it as soon as I can. I haven’t even read all Dave’s post, it mostly looks like the normal “wake up, sheeple!” bullshit that these people keep repeating.

  12. 28 Streit

    How do we know Window Licking Morons, er I mean conspiracy theorists, are not interested in a discussion? Not one of these idiots actually answers any of the incongruities pointed out in the post itself. They only retread old ideas about how some things are “strange” about what happened.

    This leads me to believe that not only do they lick windows, but that they do not actually know how to operate a door and thus never actually leave the house. (How they manage to use the internet we may never know. It is one of life’s great mysteries.)

    Real life is chaotic, filled with coincidences and mistakes. Humans aren’t computers, and once you get more than 100 of them together, some will break the rules, others might fail to relay information, while still others might be getting information they shouldn’t be getting.

    Some might make choices, that seem odd in hindsight, under stress. Simple geography might play a role. False information spreads as people observe things and draw a possibly false conclusion, simply because they cant see everything. This is not malice; it is life.

    Ultimately proving or disproving something is impossible if any argument can be countered with the statement that the government/media/lizard-people/literal-wizards covered it up.

    That said I enjoy these articles. They provide great insight and knowing more is always good.

  13. 29 Danny

    Why do you think there are people who believe in this?

    • 30 Joe in PNG

      Human nature. Check into the history of conspiracy theories sometime (“The United States of Paranoia” by Jessie Walker is a good start).

    • I think this is a coping mechanism. I think some people are so overwhelmed by real problems that seem too real, too intractable and too big to process that they feel powerless to do anything about them. War, homelessness, poverty, violence, ISIS, famine, drought, climate change, slaughter of innocents—if you engage at all empathetically with these things (and I think most humans do), even on an unconscious level, and feel you are powerless to do something, it can be unbearable.

      A conspiracy theory—which can be turned away from or turned off mentally at any time—allows someone to feel as if they have grasped something important and are doing something about it. They are not passive observers of the world slipping down the tubes (sheeple)—they are engaged, they are standing up for truth. So, rather than focus their attention on problems they feel they have no control over and can do nothing about, the focus their attentions and passions on fictions that seem more manageable.

      The sad thing is, that those same passions could be channeled into real changes that WOULD impact the seemingly intractable problems we face as individuals and as a national and global society. We are more powerful than we realize. Our words, alone, have incredible power to heal or wound, to build or destroy.

      I read something recently that coined a phrase that, for me, resonates with this situation the idea that some people survive by keeping “a comfortable distance from reality.” I think that is an element in the Sandy Hook situation just as it is in the Jade Helm 15 uproar.

      • 32 Lynn

        Maya – Always enjoy reading what you post here. Thanks.

      • 33 Steve

        Yes, you’re right about this.
        Another thing is that I think a lot of conspiracy theorists need to believe that some large, evil, nefarious entity has to do something as serious as the Sandy Hook shootings, 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing, the JFK assassination, etc. It just seems out of balance that a scrawny, 120-pound 20-year-old could do what Adam Lanza did or that two knuckleheads with pressure cooker bombs could attack the Boston Marathon.

  14. 34 joel tysver

    Anyone who believes a 112 pound kid with ZERO military training carried 3 weapons and, 400 rounds of ammo in magazines, in to that school and became the most deadly shooter in world history from playing video games is a special kind of stupid. His kill rate was 96.2%! Harris and Klebold were very experienced shooters and their combined kill rate was 22.7%. Not one single lawsuit has been filed against the school district or the SH police but, they are going to sue the manufacturer of the rifle?? All news agencies reported Nancy Lanza had ‘legally’ purchased the Bushmaster earlier that year when, in FACT those rifles were made illegal for sale in CT. in 2008. Keep believing this lie fools. The truth will come out one day and all of you are going to look stupid when it does. FYI; The mainstream media only feeds you what they want you to believe. No one died that day. That’s a FACT!

    • Yuk yuk.

      I’m busy, will respond to this stupidity tomorrow.

      Sneak preview: if you think it’s hard to achieve a high kill rate against terrified, unresisting, stationary six year olds at almost contact range with an AR-15, you’re either extremely stupid or clinically insane.

    • 36 Steve

      One of the advantages of the AR-15 as I understand it is that it doesn’t take any sort of unusual skill or physical ability to use it.

      • 37 joel tysver

        Keep in mind the weight of all that ammo and weapons would have been nearly half his body weight. No security cam footage released even though the school had one. No crime scene photos released. Let’s not forget the FACT the donation websites were created and came online Dec. 10th. You can’t change the date on a website masthead people. You’ve been conned big time by the perpetrators of this elaborate hoax. Sandy Hook was closed in 2008 because of asbestos and mold due to flooding. The documents have been found which prove that 100%. FYI, I am a VERY experienced shooter with a .223 rifle and they don’t leave GIANT gaping holes in what you hit using standard ammunition. Unlike, what the coroner stated at the press conference. They pass right through flesh. Adam Lanza would have had to be the most prolific and accurate shooter in world history to accomplish such a feat. I 100% believe this NEVER happened and, until one of you can provide actual proof other than your ‘window licker’ theories that it indeed did, I will continue to believe this way. Call me a conspiracy theorist all you’d like in the meantime but, the truth is going to come out and the people who did this will pay heavily when it does. There are enough intellectuals working to do just that.

        • 38 Steve

          His targets were 6-year-olds in a small, confined area. It wasn’t that hard to hit them.
          If you think something else happened, tell us what you think happened and give us your best evidence of it.
          Tell us how they hired the crisis actors and bought off the first responders. Tell us how they managed to get everyone in Southwestern Connecticut who would have known what happened to stay quiet about it.
          You’re the one making the claim, it’s up to you to prove it.

        • “Keep in mind the weight of all that ammo and weapons would have been nearly half his body weight.”

          Do you morons learn this bullshit at conspiracy theorist school, or does it just come to you naturally?

          Weight of a Bushmaster carbine: 6.22 pounds.

          Weight of 400 rounds of .223 ammunition: approximately 1.1 pounds per loaded 30-round magazine.

          In the army a combat load is seven 30-round magazines. For total load considerations, we say a loaded mag is one pound. So a combat load of 210 rounds is about 7-8 pounds. You’re really fucking stupid, so I’ll do the math for you: double 210 rounds in seven magazines weighing 7-8 pounds to 420 rounds in fourteen magazines. That would weigh 14-16 pounds.

          Ammo weight alone: a 4000 round mail order weighed approximately 129 pounds.

          Again, since you’re really fucking stupid, let’s divide by ten: if 4000 rounds weighs 129 pounds, then 400 rounds would weigh approximately 12.9 pounds without magazines.

          So let’s say 14-16 pounds for 420 rounds in magazines is correct. Since Lanza had 400 rounds (according to you they were all on him, which I don’t think is correct), let’s do some basic math. The kind you’re incapable of.

          16 pounds + 6.22 pounds = 22.22 pounds. And that’s erring on the heavy side.

          Lanza weighed 112 pounds. His rifle and ammo weighed approximately 22 pounds. Plus he had two pistols. Let’s add five more pounds for the pistols, just for grins.

          22.22 + 5 = 27.22.

          You say Lanza was carrying almost half his body weight. But 112 divided by four equals 28. So even erring on the heavy side, and making all assumptions in your favor, Lanza was carrying less than 1/4 of his body weight. And keep in mind he was expending ammunition which would make his load lighter. He fired 156 rounds, two of which were pistol shots, the rest .223. So he expended approximately five magazines (actually he dropped some magazines that were still half full as well, so that would lighten his load even more).

          But let’s say he had all 400 rounds on him, plus the rifle, plus the pistols, and it weighed 27.22 pounds. After firing 156 rounds he’d be about five pounds lighter. That’s 22.22 pounds.

          Almost half his body weight? Do you idiots engage in any type of critical thinking before making stupid, irrational claims?

          And I’m sure you’re a VERY experienced .223 shooter. Which is why you’re too god damn stupid to know that .223 rounds, “standard” or not, don’t cause the exact same effects on all types of tissue. A round that passes through soft tissue won’t produce the same effects as a round that strikes bone.

          Since you’re so fucking stupid, here’s a link to two pictures of .223 gunshot wounds. Go to the last post on the page:

          Now for “the school was closed in 2008!”


          The National Sport Shooting Foundation, a large firearms rights organization that has advocated the sale of military-type rifles to civilians for decades, is based in Newtown. Its headquarters is three miles from where Sandy Hook Elementary used to stand. The people who work at the NSSF live in the Newtown area. Newtown had only four elementary schools; closing one would remove 25% of the town’s elementary school capacity.

          NSSF members living three miles from SHES didn’t notice the school was closed for four years before the shooting? Or did they know, but… the NSSF is staying quiet about it because they’re part of the conspiracy!

          Explain that, shithead.

          And the “96.2% kill rate!” idiocy. What kind of “kill rate” would you expect when someone is standing near contact range, shooting unarmed, unresisting, defenseless five and six year olds with a high-powered rifle? You morons usually say stupid shit like “even soldiers don’t get that kill rate, and they have training!” Yes, dipshit, and soldiers are fighting against adults who generally also have training and experience, and who are armed, and usually at a distance instead of being close-in. If you had military training (and if you do, I just lost all faith in our military), you might understand that soldiers generally have terrible “kill rates” because of the chaotic nature of the modern battlefield. Extreme heat or cold, movement, return fire, enemy use of cover and concealment, fear, physiological responses to stress and many other factors combine to drastically decrease the practical accuracy of the average soldier.

          Inside Sandy Hook, would Lanza have faced any of those factors? No. At worst, he’d have to deal with children or faculty running away. So, Mister “very experienced .223 shooter”, you should understand that no training is needed to murder defenseless people. To effectively fight, yes you need training. To murder helpless children, you just have to be able to operate a weapon.

          Do you get that, or are you too fucking stupid? I’m putting $5 on “too fucking stupid.”

          As for the rest of your nonsense, “Blahblahblah I KNOW THIS IS A CONSPIRACY AND YOU BETTER BELIEVE ME IF YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOU blahblahblah.”

          Tell you what, moron. Find some actual evidence. No, not “I know you can’t fake a website!”, but actual evidence. Until then, shut the fuck up.

          You idiots remind me of the “THE END OF THE WORLD IS COMING!” crowd. They’re always wrong. They always insist they KNOW the world is going to end, and if we ignore them we put ourselves in peril. Then the world doesn’t end. Do those dipshits learn to shut up? Of course not.

          Neither do you Sandy Hook conspiracy idiots.

          • 40 Joe in PNG

            A rather amusing point to ponder: most Sandy Hookers are also 9/11 troofers and are also Jade Tinfoil Helmers. That the basic premise of Sandy Hook trooferism (government faked a school shooting because reasons) utterly contradicts the point of the other two (9/11: Government did kill lots of people. Jade Hat: Government is planning on killing lots of people).

            So, if the window licker point is that the government killed lots of people back in 2001, and the government is planning on killing lots of people in Walmart FEMA camps, why fake a shooting at a closed school? Why no actual kids killed?

          • 41 joel tysver

            How much are they paying you Chris? You need to look at a lot more evidence apparently. The state’s very own crime scene photos show mold and mildew 6″ up every single wall but, it was a 50 year old ‘vanguard’ school? Yeah that’s what I thought too. You ask what the motivation for such a mass conspiracy could compel all these people to play along? How about millions and millions of dollars. Estimates range from 30 million to upwards of 60 million dollars have been donated so far. You can only call names because you know it didn’t happen the way we’ve been told obviously. You didn’t answer ANY of the real questions or points I brought up either. CT had banned the sale of those rifles in 2008. How did Nancy Lanza legally purchase one then? You have a couple great points it’s just too bad they are right on top of your fucking head! Explain the everyone must sign in flashing sign at the firehouse. Explain the same people walking in circles. Explain how the parents could laugh and even smile at the press conferences. Explain how there is a picture of Emily Parker sitting on Barack Obama’s lap taken Dec. 16th 2012 two days AFTER she died! I hope you got a lot of cash for selling your soul disinformation agent. I sure hope your conscience doesn’t start bothering you one of these days too. I forgot to mention Lanza wearing body armor. Care to look up the weight of it?

          • I’ll address some of these later. For now, let’s just say I’m amazed to discover you’re even stupider than I initially thought.

          • 43 Steve

            It’s been explained many, many times, that was not Emilie Parker in that photo, that was her sister.

          • 44 joel tysver

            Explained by who? I watched the video and there were 3 children. The Parker’s only had 3. Obama himself called the little girl ‘Emily’. As for you Chris, you lose all credibility the very second you resort to insults and name calling but, that’s what you’re paid to do. I don’t know what the end game is Joe. All I can say is the evidence here does not match the ‘official’ story. Our government is evil as of late so, who really knows anymore.

          • I’m paid to be a cop and soldier. Beating up on you is a free service I provide for the betterment of society. As for the rest of your bullshit, prove it.

          • 46 joel tysver

            The facts do NOT fit the official story. Enough said. The CT state police report clearly says the DNA from the shell casings did not match Adam Lanza. Now what? Why was the school torn down if it indeed was a ‘Hallmark’ school? Why was the Lanza home torn down and not sold at auction with proceeds going to the victims? Why would the school board not want Wolfgang Halbig’s help? He is the leading school safety expert in the nation and, that fact is undisputed. Why would he be threatened with arrest for asking basic questions around the shootings? Why have they STILL NOT RESPONDED to FOIA requests? You do know that just went to court and Halbig won big time too. Chris, you still haven’t answered one simple question. Why have they not released the video footage of Lanza shooting his way in to the building? Video cameras were seen clearly in many news photo’s from Dec. 14th but, were mysteriously removed from the building before dawn the very next day. That is 100% proven. You know why? Because there is NONE! Look, if my child was shot at school and NOT rushed to a hospital with a chance of his/her life being saved then, there would be the MOTHER of all lawsuits filed agency culpable. To date there is NOT one single suit against the school district or Sandy Hook police. After Columbine, every single parent who lost a child or had one wounded sued and won against the police and school district. And lastly, who pronounced all 26 people dead in 11 minutes? Nobody is that damn good at their jobs especially under a mass casualty calamity and, now the FBI’s very own crime report showed ZERO deaths from gun violence in 2012. Put that one in your pipe and smoke it.

          • “Enough said” doesn’t prove anything. Here’s your last chance: are you going to acknowledge that your “the rifle and ammo was almost half his body weight” claim was completely wrong?

            Before you come back with “but he had body armor too”; first, I don’t believe he did but I’ll check the report. Second, I’ve worn body armor on a regular basis for over twenty years. Concealable body armor is light. Military IBAs or IOTVs are heavy if they have SAPI plates, but even added to the rifle and nammo still wouldn’t equal half Lanza’s body weight. Third, now that I’ve proven how wrong you were you’re trying to change your original claim. Fine. Now show some evidence that Lanza had body armor.

            Before you go back to truther tactic #1 and try to avoid your blatant inability to check even basic facts, tell me you were wrong on your “half his body weight” claim. If you refuse to do so, don’t bother commenting again. I’ll just delete it.

          • 48 joel tysver

            Okay. I was wrong. You happy? You claim to be a soldier and a cop Chris. Did you happen to take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution? How is attacking dissenting views and name calling not violating your oath? You still won’t answer the question I’ve now asked 3 times. Where’s the video? Mainstream news reports at the time said he was wearing body armor. You’ve dodged all the tough questions so far so, please state your true intentions. By the way, I read all your stuff I could find and, it is amateurish at best. I am an often published writer but, I stay away from pure opinion things. You should too because your bias is horrible and you could use some basic skills. Calling oneself and author and actually being one are entirely two different things.

          • 49 Steve

            Joel, let’s clear up a common misconception about the Constitution and free speech. If Chris were to arrest you for saying what you’re saying, he would be infringing on your free speech rights. Nobody here is doing this. This is his blog. He does not have to give you a platform to say what you’re saying. You’re free to express these opinions on your on own blog, podcast, radio show or someone else’s if they want to give you that opportunity. You can write and publish a book. You can stand on a street corner and tell everyone what you think. As long as you don’t endanger the safety of others or do something like making harassing phone calls to a school, like one guy in Connecticut did, or steal a playground sign and call the mother of one of the murdered children and tell them her kid didn’t exist, or threaten anyone with violence, or incite someone else to commit a violent act, you’re legally allowed to say whatever you want to say about this.
            That does not mean we have to respect it. We’re free to criticize, mock, ridicule and boycott you.
            If your boss decides that he doesn’t want someone with these types of vile beliefs representing his company, he can fire you. If you’re self-employed, people can decide they don’t want to do business with you.Don’t come crying to me if these things happen.
            And if the best defense of what you’re saying is that it’s not literally illegal to say it, that doesn’t say much about your argument.

          • 50 Steve

            What video? It was a still photo. That’s the first I’ve heard of the President calling her “Emilie.”

          • 51 Joe in PNG

            Joel- answer me this: if the end goal is for the US Government to kill Americans, then why fake killing Americans?

          • “Okay. I was wrong. You happy?”

            Not happy. More like surprised. I didn’t expect you to own up to a mistake, and I admire the fact that you did. You just regained a cool point.

            “You claim to be a soldier and a cop Chris. Did you happen to take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution? How is attacking dissenting views and name calling not violating your oath?”

            And now you lost the cool point. “Attacking dissenting views and name calling” IS free speech. Yes, I defend free speech as a cop and a soldier. That includes my own right to free speech.

            On a more important note, it’s pretty amazing that you people – who are literally accusing thousands of people of being part of a conspiracy to fake a massacre – get all huffy when someone hits you back. Then suddenly it becomes a free speech matter. Where I come from that’s called “blatant hypocrisy”.

            “You still won’t answer the question I’ve now asked 3 times. Where’s the video?”

            There is no video. The school’s surveillance system was a monitoring system, not a recording system. I’ve seen plenty of businesses that had the same kind of systems (I haven’t seen schools with them, but I was a night shift cop almost my entire career and rarely had to go to schools).

            ** “The Sandy Hook report also noted the front entrance access control system at Sandy Hook Elementary School did not record activity there. No other surveillance cameras have been reported at the school. And would cameras have made a difference in stopping this particular shooter regardless?” **


            The lack of recording equipment is also noted in the official report, but it’s late and I’m all jacked up on Nyquil so I don’t have time to dig it up right now.

            “Mainstream news reports at the time said he was wearing body armor.”

            Well, that’s easy to counter. “No, mainstream news reports at the time said he wasn’t wearing body armor.” See how easy it is to make a claim without backing it up? How about you go back and find an actual source for your claim? And keep in mind, initial reports are almost always wrong. For example, the Colorado theater shooter was also reportedly wearing body armor; in actuality, he had a chest rig with no armor.

            But anyway, here’s this report, from an actual independent source, saying Lanza didn’t have body armor:


            “You’ve dodged all the tough questions so far so, please state your true intentions.”

            No, I’ve just focused on specific issues while you’ve shotgunned every lunatic theory you can think of. Then you accuse me of not answering the 758 different points you inject into every comment. From now on, try to stay focused. I’ve addressed specific issues: Lanza’s rifle and ammo wouldn’t have been “nearly half his body weight”, and he wasn’t wearing body armor. Addressing each individual point is how intelligent, logical people debate issues.

            Oh, and my true intentions are to 1) stop the spread of completely moronic conspiracy theories, and 2) have fun beating up on idiots who believe in them. So far I’m batting a thousand!

            “By the way, I read all your stuff I could find and, it is amateurish at best.”

            That’s cool. Considering your proven lack of logic and inherent irrationality, your opinion on my writing really doesn’t mean much to me.

            “I am an often published writer but, I stay away from pure opinion things.”

            Whoa. I gotta hear this. What have you published? And good call on staying away from opinion. Trust me, good call.

            “You should too because your bias is horrible and you could use some basic skills. Calling oneself and author and actually being one are entirely two different things.”

            My bias is based on actual knowledge of the things I write about, and actual experience with those things. It’s also based on simple things like not spouting dumbass shit without bothering to spend five minutes fact checking it. You should try that sometime. The bias that results might be to your benefit.

            As far as the “calling yourself an author” part, hey bro, it sounds weird to me too. I generally call myself a writer before calling myself an author. But maybe someday I can be at your level of authordom. A guy can dream, can’t he? 🙂

          • Buh-bye Joel. He won’t address the stupid things I’ve proved him wrong on, and his last comment was “You’re a government shill I KNOW IT’S A CONSPIRACY BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH….” So no more Joel. We’ll miss him.

        • 54 Lynn

          Where do you get your info from? And where do I start?

          There wasn’t a lot of equity in the Lanza home and the people of Newtown chose to demolish it. There are lawsuits filed by the victims families to go after a possible 1 million dollars in Nancy’s home owners insurance policy.

          I don’t know what a “Hall Mark” school is, but SHE was a nearly 60 year old school and in need of extensive renovations. In the fall of 2012 the Newtown BOE had allotted funds for those renovations in the 2013-2014 budget.

          Who says Halpig is the “leading school safety expert”? Halpig? That doesn’t make it a “fact”.

          You state that Halpig still hasn’t had his FOIA requests met, yet he just “won big” in court. What did he win? What court?

          At least 2 families have filed suit against the BOE and the town of Newtown for lack of security at SHE. There were no security cameras.

          Again, how do you and other “truthers” think this massive cover up could be carried out?

          • 55 joel tysver

            debunk this! Still waiting for someone to explain how the United Way Newtown donation page came online Dec. 11th. They have ESP or what?


            I’ll patiently await an explanation.

            [Keep waiting, Joel.]

          • No more comments from Joel until I get an answer about the video and body armor. By the way, conspiracy videos don’t equal “evidence”.

  15. 57 Joe in PNG

    And there’s the thing- conspiracy theorist get so caught up in trying to disprove the official narrative they forget an important principle: one needs to provide a counter narrative that is 1) logically consistent 2) simpler 3) fits the facts better.

    The Truther Sandy Hook counter narrative fits none of the above.

    The basic logic, as I have pointed out above, contradicts itself.

    Simpler? Aww, HELL NO! Had the theory been that the government brainwashed a kid with mental problems to create a false flag to ban assault rifles, unlikely, but hard to disprove. This clownshow of closed schools, fake parents, and the rest? Oy, veh!

    Fits the fact better? Despite what you think of yourself, the few facts out of context you and yours pass around are not all of the facts. It is like passing around handful of black sand grains to prove the beaches of Panama City Fl are jet black. You have the evidence right there in your hand! But, if you have ever been there, you would know that the beaches are a lustrous white. Point that out, and you will get a more elaborate conspiracy theory of how the government or someone painted the beach or something.

    In a similar way, truthers pass around a handful of “facts”- some are mangled, some are yanked out of context, and much is just pure bullshit. Most of the purveyors of conspiracy theories are really only in it for the money… or are they? How do you know Alex Jones, Janos, and other aren’t really false flag operators? Maybe trutherism is some sinister plan to distract people from the real truth! Prove me wrong!

    • 58 Steve


      “What conspiracy theorists provide is just a list of things that don’t seem quite right – anomalies. Sometimes the anomalies are not even real, just rumors. Sometimes they have perfectly normal explanations, like the FBI data. Sometimes they are just the quirky details of real life.”

      “Conspiracy theorists try to poke holes in what they call the “official story.” In their narrative, the government dictates the “official story” which is then disseminated by “corporate media” to the sheeple. What the conspiracy theorists can never seem to do, however, is put together a plausible alternate story of their own.”

  16. 59 Priscilla

    I hope this doesn’t all come crashing down on Newtown’s, er, Tim McGraw’s head.

  17. 60 PJ

    Some Sandy Hook hoax participants have criminal records. A quick Google search will confirm that “Neil Heslin” (purported father of Jesse Lewis) is a FELON with a criminal record.

    Since he’s a FELON, Neil Heslin cannot own a gun. But he runs around lobbying against gun ownership.

    Maybe DOJ cut a deal with Neil Heslin: “Pretend your fake kid ‘died’ at Newtown, and we won’t send you back to prison.”

  18. 63 Steve

    Yes, when ignorance meets arrogance.

  19. 67 Sam

    Here Are Some Headlines From The Hartford Community Court:

    “Connecticut Career Criminal Hartford State’s Attorney Gail P. Hardy: The Cover-up Is Not Limited To Jonathan Reich” (June 8, 2016)

    “Judicial Misconduct Uncovered at the Hartford State’s Attorney’s Office under Gail P. Hardy” (March 22, 2016)

    “State of Connecticut, Judge, Avon Police Department, and Hartford State’s Attorney’s Office Caught Manipulating Multiple Investigations to Railroad Sandy Hook Whistleblower Jonathan Reich” (January 13, 2016)

    “Connecticut Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Thomas J. O’Brien Caught Tampering With Official Court Documents – Class D Felony” (Sept.7, 2015)

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