No, Dumbasses, Trump’s “Bad Language” Isn’t the F**king Issue


When Trump’s “Grab them by the pussy” video broke, I was disgusted but not surprised. I decided he was a clown show long ago, this just confirmed what a gigantic douchebag he is. In the video he admitted to sexually harassing and assaulting women; however, many of his supporters laughed it off as “bad language” and framed the disgusted reaction from much of the public as prudish weakness. “What, can’t handle locker room talk?” “He didn’t say anything real men don’t say all the time.””Show me on this doll where Trump’s words hurt you, HAR HAR HAR!!”


So I’ll speak directly to those who defend Trump’s words as mere bad language: here’s the deal, motherfuckers. I was a Marine. I then served as a Soldier and made two trips to war. I’ve been a cop over twenty years. I’ve heard tons of bad language. One of my proudest accomplishments when I was a UN cop in Kosovo was learning to say “shit” in thirteen languages. The very first line of dialogue in my first novel is “My dick hurts.” Bad language is my first language.

Ordinarily I don’t use much profanity in my blogs. But today I have to use a lot of fucking profanity, because it’s the only way to make my point. If I don’t, all you Trumpers who scream shit like “We’re gonna make America great again and destroy anyone who opposes us” will twist my words into something else. Fuck that. I’m going to be as clear as I possibly can, so even you can’t misunderstand it.

Not only am I not offended by “bad language”, I actually like it. I’ve probably said things that would make Trump cringe. Here are some beautiful examples of fucked up locker-room talk I’ve heard:

1) Back in 1989 I was standing in formation with my mixed-gender Marine platoon. It was about 6 am on a winter morning, and we were freezing. The corporal standing up front announced, “I wish I had a nice pussy here to keep me warm. But not just any pussy. Only my wife’s pussy.” A young Marine in the formation answered, “I wish I had two. One for each ear.”

2) Soldiers from my old tank unit were joking about each other’s wives. Then one guy got serious and said, “Don’t joke about my wife.” That did it. By the end of the day a schedule was posted, “Who’s fucking Johnson’s wife”, with thirty-minute blocks assigned to each Soldier in the platoon.

3) A sergeant I went to a school with introduced me to a new acronym: FAN, for “feet, ass and nuts”. It’s the smell a group of men create when they’re filthy for days or weeks.

4) At a very challenging training event in the desert, one of my fellow tank crewmen, suffering a near-fatal case of TSB (Toxic Sperm Buildup), was sitting in the driver’s hole of a tank looking at a Hustler with an intense, deeply concerned look on his face. I walked about a hundred yards to another tank to get a hammer. When I returned to my tank my buddy was collapsed in the driver’s seat, nearly unconscious, with the Hustler tossed aside. I asked, “Dude, I was gone for like two minutes. What the fuck did you do?” He said, “I beat off, bro. It was goooood.”

5) My company was taking a physical fitness test, and I watched a lieutenant doing the worst pushups I’ve ever seen. His head pumped up and down like a piston while the rest of his body shook and shivered but barely moved. I told him, “Sir, next time you do pushups I’m going to hold a dildo under your face. That’ll teach you not to move your fucking head like that again.”

6) Not long ago I was at a pistol training course taught by a renowned instructor. Someone in the class jokingly called another student a pussy. A perplexed look crossed the instructor’s face. “I don’t understand why anyone uses pussy as an insult,” he said. “Pussy is my favorite thing in the whole world.”

And those are nowhere near the worst things I’ve heard and laughed at. So don’t preach to me about being able to handle bad language.

Not only have I heard and said pretty much every fucking dirty word there is, I don’t trust men who never talked that way. Disgusting, filthy talk is part of the very masculine worlds I’ve inhabited my whole adult life, and I don’t think much of those who shrink from that language. Locker room talk is real talk, and I enjoy it. Just a few days ago I offered this bit of political wisdom: “If republicans had nominated any reasonable candidate, like Ted Bundy or that homeless crackhead who offered to suck my dick in an alley today, they could beat Hillary. Alas, they chose Trump.”

So “bad language” is not the fucking point.

I understand men will describe women’s bodies in crude terms. They’ll give detailed accounts of past sexual conquests. They’ll graphically list what they want to do to women. Who has two thumbs and has done all those things? This guy right here. Guilty.

But Trump didn’t just use “bad language”. He talked about something he did. He bragged about doing things to women against their will. He boasted to the world about getting away with forcing himself onto women, because he’s a “star”.

That’s fucked up.

It’s not about morality. I’m not preaching against Trump’s sins. I’m a devout agnostic, and really couldn’t give a shit about religious rules. I’m no paragon of virtue myself, and have failed miserably in the morals department. So I don’t care if Trump was unfaithful, or availed himself to the numerous gold diggers eager to let him into their pants. If it’s consensual, I don’t care. He’s a grown man, they’re grown women, it’s their business. I also didn’t care about Bill and Monica’s consensual activities. When the White House phone rings at 3 a.m., it doesn’t matter who’s in bed next to the president when he or she answers. As long as they’re adults making their own decisions, it’s not my problem.

And before anyone says it: I don’t give a shit how much you hate Hillary Clinton. I despise her. I’d rather dive into a pool of kerosene while holding a thermite grenade than vote for her. But Hillary’s complete lack of integrity doesn’t mean Trump gets a pass for being a sexual predator.

I can’t stand Trump because, among many other reasons, he’s a sexual predator. I’m a husband, father of a daughter, and grandfather to two granddaughters. I have a visceral response against any so-called “man” who brags about harassing and assaulting women. Now that several women have come forward accusing Trump of harassing or groping them, or walking in uninvited while they’re undressed at beauty pageants – activities which, by the way, Trump himself bragged about on video or radio – we should kinda get the idea that he’s a lecherous shitbag who uses his celebrity status to take what he wants from women.

That’s the god damn problem. Not the words, not the vulgarity, not the locker room talk. But the fucking pathetic actions and entitled attitude behind them.

You support Trump and don’t care about his sexual predations? You don’t care that he bragged about sexual assaults, agreed that Ivanka was a “nice piece of ass” and said he’d date her if she wasn’t his daughter, and even said “I’ll be dating her in ten years” about a ten year old girl? Fine. At this point, I don’t expect anyone to change their vote. Hillary’s people will vote for her even if an email shows she sold Libyan terrorists the weapons used to kill Americans in Benghazi, Trump’s people will vote for him even if they see video of Putin giving him an underage sex slave as reward for doing Russia’s bidding. This election doesn’t have shit to do with integrity anymore, for either side. If you’re voting Trump because you hate Hillary more, or think she’ll destroy America, or want to Make Russia America Great again, go right ahead.

But don’t act like I’m offended by Trump’s “bad language”. Because that’s a fucking lie, and you  know it. The truth is, I hate sexual predators. Like the one you’re voting for.

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Chris Hernandez is a 22 year police officer, former Marine and recently retired National Guard soldier with 27 years of military service. He is a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan and also served 18 months as a United Nations police officer in Kosovo. He writes for and Iron Mike magazine and has published three military fiction novels, Proof of Our ResolveLine in the Valley and Safe From the War through Tactical16 Publishing. He can be reached at or on his Facebook page (

53 Responses to “No, Dumbasses, Trump’s “Bad Language” Isn’t the F**king Issue”

  1. 1 Redblues

    Exactly. It isn’t language, it’s consent, specifically the lack of it.

  2. 2 John

    Story #6 reminds me of a conversation I had with my wife not long ago. She was angry about something regarding her ex-husband and referred to him as a “cocksucker”. I replied, “What’s wrong with cocksuckers? I rather like cocksuckers.” She then asked how many cocksuckers I knew. My response; “Just one.” She laughed and said “Nice save.”

  3. 4 Mark W

    Exactly x 2. I’d be right alongside of you in the kerosene pool. I have heard one theory from the experts on why he has the base of followers he does is due to “confirmation bias”, a phenomenon (aka biased thinking) we all experience, some so much more than others as is evinced from size of his base. If this biased thinking is indeed what is at play with his base, then as you point out, the sexual predatory behavior he exhibits must be so much more acceptable traits in so many more people in one way or the other if they still consider voting for this pond scum. What I can’t figure out, is how in the hell can a woman still consider voting for this sociopath, as they should be akin to rats leaving a burning ship but they hang in there like bats. Sign me as I just don’t get it! Nice piece though. Keep up the great writings!!!

  4. 5 VictorVector

    Amen, brother. Amen.

    This is why I have hated this ignorant son of a bitch since day one. And no, Trumpkins, I’m not going to vote for Hillary. I may yet decide I need to hold my nose and vote for this repugnant piece of filth just to keep the even more odious Clinton – who should be in a cell in Ft. Leavenworth – out of the White House.

  5. I don’t need any more reasons to vote against either one: they’re bother over-qualified for being utterly despised.

    But unless God answers my prayers in the affirmative, and a meteorite from space takes them both out at the last debate, we’re certain to be stuck with one of them. Lose-lose.

    There is no “winning” this election, for anyone. It’s mainly about whether the turd sandwich is served buttered-side up, or down.

    If Trump is elected, I may console myself knowing that at least Shrillary wasn’t.
    If Shrillary wins, I can only hope that she takes the full brunt of blame for the four seconds anyone cares, when the economy/the world situation melts down in volcanic flames, as is more or less certain.
    There is no “up” side either way.

    • This election is a choice between jumping from the 20th floor of a burning building or being killed by the fire.

      • 8 Joe in PNG

        Reminds me of an old and politically incorrect joke: a pair of archeologists are excavating a remote jungle temple. The local tribe spots them, seizes both, and carries them to the chief. The chief tells them “You desecrate sacred ground. Now the punishment! You must choose death, or ru-ru!
        The first archeologist say “I’ll take the ru-ru.” He is then violently sodomized by every male in the village.
        The second says “Death! Please, give me death!” The chief replies “Very well! Death… by ru-ru!”

        Pretty much this election in a nutshell.

        • 9 Joe in PNG

          There’s the media factor. Trump is pretty much Nixon with W’s media.
          Hillary is pretty much Nixon with JFK’s media.

  6. 10 Thorn

    I didn’t think Trump’s video was about bad language but I didn’t see it as admitting to sexual assault, either. He was being demeaning, acting as if any woman in the world would consent- “let” him do what he wants because he’s rich and a star.

    That said, his idea of ‘let’ is apparently different than mine based on current allegations.

  7. 11 Priscilla

    I wish people could understand basic logic, context and English. “When you’re a star, they let you do it.” In other words, the women CONSENT. He also made it pretty clear he did not always have his way with women, i.e., he did not always have their consent and in those cases struck out (as with the married woman he had been pursuing). I’m not defending Trump or Trump’ s language (or yours), but his meaning is pretty obvious to me. It seems people are having a hard time distinguishing between words and deeds if he is being accused of sexual assault on the basis of those words alone. He didn’t come close to admitting sexual assault.

    • “I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything…Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

      Clearly, we have different definitions of consent. If a man walks up to you and “doesn’t even wait”, just kisses you and grabs your vagina, and he’s in a position of power over your job or ability to achieve a dream, you don’t have a problem with his actions?

      • 13 Priscilla

        I would have no problem with it if I let or consented or allowed him to do it. If that were not the case, he would have an immediate and forceful negative reaction from me. There would be no doubt I had not consented or let him do it.

        • To ensure I understand the rules:

          I can walk up to any woman I find attractive and “without even waiting” kiss her and grab her vagina. As long as she doesn’t protest, it’s fine ?

  8. 15 Priscilla

    If you are reasonably confident your advances will not be rebuffed, as Trump appears to have been, hey, give it a shot. That’s on you. Her response cannot be guaranteed whatever the signals or situation. Also, keep in mind that when guys are talking that kind of talk, they are prone to exaggeration, hyperbole and bullshittery.

    • The issue isn’t “how does she respond?”, the issue is “does he have consent?” No, consent isn’t always spoken. But the situations Trump described – walking up to women he doesn’t know and kissing/fondling them – show a lack of consent. As a cop, if a woman reported a guy for doing what Trump did, I’d arrest him. And if your defense of Trump is “he’s a liar”, that’s a pretty good indication that he lacks the character required to be president.

      • 17 Priscilla

        Well, if a woman “let” Trump do it or allowed him to do it, in absence of threats or intimidation, did she not consent? And if it was consensual, would you still arrest him? And do you make no distinction between jocular bullshit and lies?

        • His actions are exactly the same in either case; he walks up to a woman he doesn’t know, kisses and gropes her, and according to you what makes it acceptable or not are her actions after the fact? Does it only become assault in your eyes if he does it again after being told no? In effect, every guy gets one free vagina grab regardless of whether the woman wants it or not?

          And I’ve spent a lot of time in locker rooms and other situations with guys. No, I don’t give a guy a pass for lying about using his power and position to assault women. I’m really surprised that so many women are okay with this.

  9. 19 Priscilla

    I will try to express myself better. If a man, out of the blue and without threats or intimidation, kisses and gropes a woman, and she passively allows it and does not object by word or deed, she can have him arrested for sexual assault?

    • Depending on the situation, it’s possible. A woman can be too scared to resist, or intoxicated. “But she didn’t say no” is the Brock Turner defense.

      • 21 Priscilla

        Now you’re going off into the weeds. There is no reason to believe the women were intoxicated or feared for their lives.

        • I didn’t say there was. I said those are reasons a woman might not resist.

          • 23 Ken

            Of course, the most obvious reason they didn’t resist is because the wanted him to do it. But you’ve got to be faux outraged, dont’ you? Fuck you.

      • 24 Mark W

        If the woman/women Priscilla were using in the abstract, as talking points, were her daughter, trust me (donald says that quite a bit) I believe her responses would be different. Just saying…as I have spoke to over a dozen women about this subject and they all told me if it were there adult daughter there would be hell to pay!

        • 25 Priscilla

          I’m not speaking in the abstract at all. Most women have had plenty of experience with unwelcome sexual overtures.

  10. 26 Priscilla

    You can parse his words however you want. My interpretation is two guys casually shooting the breeze and talking trash about star struck women who allow, let, consent, give permission for Trump to kiss and grope them with few preliminary niceties. Whether he knew the women previously is not disclosed and makes no difference really. End of story. I am definitely not okay with sexual assault and that was not, in my opinion, the subject of their discussion.

    • I’m not “parsing his words”, I’m quoting what he literally said. HE said he doesn’t wait. HE said he automatically kisses women. HE said he “grabs them by the pussy” and can do whatever he wants. He didn’t say he asks for consent, or has it. He says he immediately does it.

      If I walked up to a strange woman and grabbed her crotch, the rightness or wrongness of my action doesn’t depend on her reaction. If someone steals your purse, is it only theft if you get upset about it?

      He was describing assault, and he was describing his attitude of being sexually entitled to women because he’s a star. I’ll never be okay with that. Considering all the accusations from women who said he did exactly what he bragged about doing, including one accusation from 19 years ago, chances are he’s guilty of doing exactly what he said he did.

      • 28 Priscilla

        Some of those accusations have already been refuted by witnesses. It’s he said she said. You can be of the opinion Trump is a digusting leach on the basis of his comments, you do not have to be okay with his attitude, but you cannot accuse him of sexual assault or call him a sex offender on the basis of his comments. And if someone steals my purse, all he can be charged with is theft.

        • The eyewitness refutations are suspect as well. You know what really lends credence to the accusations? Trump’s own words. HE said he did almost exactly what he was accused of. In any world based on reason and logic, that’s significant. I call him a sexual predator based on HIS words, not on any accusations.

          You completely missed the point about stealing your purse. If someone steals your purse, it’s theft whether you’re upset about it or not.

          • 30 Priscilla

            So anyone who has kissed a woman without her consent is guilty of sexual assault?

  11. 31 Priscilla

    Expressed consent, that is.

    • Not at all. But what Trump described himself doing is at least assault. If a man you don’t know walks up to you and “doesn’t even wait” before kissing and fondling you, it would be assault.

      • 33 Priscilla

        How do you know the women in question had never met Trump before? You are making that assumption. Also, if a woman lets (synonyms: allows, grants, gives, approves) such things, there is no assault. You persist in taking his words out of context.

        • “Yeah, that’s her. With the gold. I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything…Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.”

          He said he’s automatically attracted to beautiful women and just starts kissing them. Sound like he’s talking about women he knows?

          • 35 Priscilla

            Could be.
            “He said he’s automatically attracted to beautiful women…”
            Please. What heterosexual male isn’t?
            “And just starts kissing them”…
            And they let him do it.
            If they let him do it, there was no assault. Simple as that.
            I still contend this was unserious trash talk.
            You can have the last word.

          • I appreciate that. I think you’re being extraordinarily generous just because it’s Trump. Any other man who said something like that would rightly be ridiculed for sexually predatory behavior, but Trump gets a free pass from the same people who thought Bill Clinton was too immoral to be president.

  12. 37 Priscilla

    Biting my tongue.

  13. 38 Ken

    When Trump’s “Grab them by the pussy” video broke, I was disgusted

    Your faux outrage, like everyone else’s, is what’s disgusting. You get two men alone for any period of time and they end up saying crude things. You’ve done it. Hundreds, if not thousands of times. So fuck you and your “disgust” parade. You are the problem, acting as if typical male behavior is disgusting.

    I understand men will describe women’s bodies in crude terms.

    Do you understand women do, too, as well as using crude terms to describe men’s bodies?

    That’s fucked up.

    False. He’s right. That’s why we have the word “groupie”. Women want rich and famous men for no other reason than they’re rich and famous. Recognizing that this is a normal behavior of women isn’t fucked up. Even the women’s behavior isn’t fucked up.

    Your false moralizing is transparent.

    It’s not about morality.

    You add to your sins by telling bald faced lies.

    I can’t stand Trump because, among many other reasons, he’s a sexual predator.

    A man who likes sex and using what he’s got for sexual conquests doesn’t make him a sexual predator. Using your fame and money to get laid is no different from using your charm and looks to get laid. Acting entitled to pussy is one of the best ways to get pussy. You know this from your younger days. Well, nothing changes as you get older. You’re just mad that Trump is actually getting ass from hot chicks, while you lay down with the same lump every night.

    Don’t be a faggot on top of being a liar.

    And you keep using the phrase “sexual assault” for what he did, but I’m sure you’ve done it, had it done to you, as have most people. Being aggressive in your pursuits to get laid, I’m sure you grabbed a woman’s ass, her boobs, and, yes, even her pussy; I’m sure you’ve even done it on the dance floor of a club. I’ve had pretty much every part of my body, including my dick, pawed at and grabbed many times when aggressively pursued by a woman. If you’re going to label Trump a sexual predator for what he did, then you are a sexual predator, as are pretty much all men and women who have ever pursued anyone sexually.

    Fuck you and your false moralizing.

    • Oooh. The bad language turns me on.

      Here’s what you’re missing: regular guy talk doesn’t include bragging about approaching women you don’t know (“I don’t even wait”) and kissing or groping them. Yes, that’s assault. No, I haven’t done that. You bet I aggressively pursued women, which is nowhere near kissing and groping strangers.

      I really enjoy how you turned his words into sterile fables of sexual pursuits. Clearly, they’re not. They’re admissions of sexually predatory behavior. Maybe you’re so mad about my essay because you and Trump have that in common. Sorry bro, I’m not in your locker room group. What Trump described isn’t normal for me.


      P.S. I’m crazy about the lump I lay down with every night. Over twenty years now, and she’s still hot!

      • 40 Mark W

        ditto me Chris. 40 years and counting with my lump and soul mate. And yes he is indeed a sexual predator! His own words convict him. cmon man! and oh yes, cmon lady. I just love them open mike’s. My dad told me at an early age son, you can spend an entire lifetime building a good reputation and see it destroyed in a few seconds with bad act or stupid decision. Pussygrabing included. Calling Ms universe a pig and fat certainly goes there. Mocking a disabled person, ya think? I and the sane majority are shaking our heads all the way to the voting polls and admitting we all know what an asshole looks like and sounds like!

        • 41 Priscilla

          But Ms. Universe WAS overweight and a pig.

          And as long as we’re throwing around accusations, she was also accused of threatening a judge.
          Why aren’t we talking about Wikileaks?

          • 42 Mark W

            labels? you confirm his comments she was overweight and a pig?. I do not intend to play verbal checkers with you. I was contributing to the blog. But while you are at labeling…would it be right for me to label you as a dumb cunt and bimbo and an ugly trumpkin troll? I don’t think so and I won’t. Why aren’t we talking about Wikileaks? I can comment on that but not before you send me your address so I can peek in your windows and see your “personal stuff” and comment on it. The Russians trying to influence our national elections and you give credence to wikileaks?
            Send me your address! I am sure you are a very nice lady who is willing to show all!

  14. 43 Priscilla

    “Cathy Heller of New York told The Guardian in an interview published on Sunday, October 16, that in 1997, she and her family were at a Mother’s Day brunch at the real estate mogul’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida when Trump allegedly touched her inappropriately. According to Heller, 63, the businessman was making his rounds greeting members of the club when he stopped at their table.”
    Sexual assault in public! With many eyewitnesses! None of whom reported it!
    “Season 5 Apprentice alum Summer Zervos claimed during a press conference on Friday, October 14, that Donald Trump once thrust his genitals at her during a business meeting.”
    Not a complete stranger. Initiated recontact with the Trump organization AFTER allegedly being assaulted by Trump.
    “During a deposition given by me in connection with my matrimonial case, I stated that my husband had raped me,” she clarified in a statement cited in the 1993 book Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump. “I referred to this as a ‘rape,’ but I do not want my words to be interpreted in a literal or criminal sense.”-Ivana Trump
    Certainly no stranger. Divorce proceedings. Backtracked.
    “Harth — a former business associate of Trump’s — sued the real estate tycoon in the mid-’90s, alleging that he groped her on multiple occasions during business meetings with her and her now-ex-husband…Trump responded by releasing recent emails from the freelance makeup artist congratulating him on his campaign.”
    No stranger.
    “I was at a club with my friends, and I’m talking to my friend who [is sitting] on my left side. I’m very clear on this,” she told the newspaper. “-Kristin Anderson
    Again-in public-with her friend sitting there. Riiiight.
    “In October 2016, model McGillivray told the Palm Beach Post that Trump groped her during a 2003 photo shoot at his landmark Florida estate Mar-a-Lago. She claimed that he ‘grabbed [her] ass.” McGillivray elaborated: ‘This was a pretty good nudge. More of a grab. It was pretty close to the center of my butt. I was startled. I jumped.’
    In public again. So was it a grab or a nudge to the lower back if it even happened?
    You make it sound like Trump is walking up to complete and random strangers on the street and kissing/groping them. His denials are at least as plausible as his accusers accounts. Do you honestly disbelieve there are women who would welcome the advances of a rich celebrity or who might allege sexual misconduct to further themselves? That would be extremely naive.
    It seems more likely to me that this is a smear campaign orchestrated by the opposition, based on the timing of the video’s release and who released it. I do not give Trump a pass because he is Trump. I am looking at the known facts of the matter and Trump’s exact words in their proper context and applying my judgment in view of human nature, probability and fairness. I admit I prefer Trump to Hillary, but believe I can be objective enough to make an unbiased assessment. The real hypocrites are the members of the Libertine Party who never met a deviant sexuality they didn’t like, who gave a pass to JFK, LBJ, Ted Kennedy and his waitress sandwich and cover for his rapist nephew, Bill Clinton and his intimidated accusers; now they all come out of the woodwork to denounce Trump. This topic has become boring. And that’s all I have to say about that.

  15. 44 Priscilla

    Mark W shows his true colors.

  16. Chris,
    Once again you’ve hit blogging gold as measured by responses and writer’s passion. Congratulation!

    Swearing, bad language, cussing, vulgar words, the problem is after the first few paragraphs or half a dozen sentences, it all becomes bland. I’ve never been in a contest to see who has the fuckin’ worst mouth that made any lasting impression.

    The Donald. Books could and will be written. We’ve all known people like him to some degree. They have to be the center, always in the limelight, always got to say something to keep the focus on themselves. I think Marshall McLuhan said “I don’t believe in half of what I say.” I see Donald in that same light. And yes, I do believe the very rich and powerful can be sexual pigs and get away with it.

    Hillary or Donald. If there was ever an election that demands a “do-over” vote this is it. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Now, you can skip voting, or vote for a third party candidate if you want. But I believe that vote has no meaning. Neither party will ever look at the percentages lost to a third party, slap their forehead and say, “Damn! We have to make changes to recapture these voters!”

    I’m going vote for Donald because I see it as a vote against Hillary. I disagree with the blogger (It wasn’t you) that no president could screw up the country so bad that the next president can’t fix it. In the course of 4 years several Supreme Court justices could be selected. Federal law enforcement agencies could be made much stronger and more powerful. Do we need an EPA, Federal Land Management, TSA, IRS, BATF, etc. more powerful and dictatorial for four years?

    My little diatribe will change nobody’s mind, but with the election rushing up on us we need to look past the carefully designed stage dressing and look at the person and make our best decision.

    Stay safe……..Frank

  17. 46 James H Moore

    Nice insight on the insanity of this election and especially Donald Trump.

    I’ve already voted. The stoner got my vote because consciously I couldn’t vote for Trump or Clinton. I don’t care how anyone sees that, it’s my vote, I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again if I have to.

    From the very beginning I said Trump wasn’t electable. There are many reasons, not just the one you have described. Women can throw themselves on him naked if they want, makes no difference to me, but what he has described would be considered sexual assault in most courts. True, he has never been charged but I honestly believe that he thinks this type of behavior is OK. Is Trump so challenged that he can’t verbally communicate with women? What ever happened to asking for sex? It’s always worked for me. I tried this theory out once in a bar. I asked an attractive woman if she would buy me a beer. She bought me two. Then I asked her if she was looking for sex and she said yes. Not a prostitute, she showed me her student ID card. Surprising what people will say if you just ask.

    Trump is not the type of person I want in the WH. He needs to go back to the things he does the best, bankrupting companies and dodging his creditors.

  18. 47 Chris

    We often hear Lord Acton’s axiom “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” as pertaining to the powerful. While he would probably agree with that interpretation, what he meant was that people will often accept behavior from the powerful that they wouldn’t accept from “ordinary folk.”

    The Trumpkins rationalizing their way to excusing Kim Jong Orange is just another example.

  19. 49 Priscilla

    And Hillary Clinton will never be President of the United States of America.

  20. 52 Mark w

    Technical win. Not a popular win. I pledge allegiance to the country. Not to any president! He’s a phony and an American fraud. Have a coolaid on me!

  21. 53 Bernard

    I wonder who folks voted for who identified both presidential candidates as totally unacceptable . . .

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