Book launch, “Line in the Valley”


The follow-up to Proof of Our Resolve is back on track for publication. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the original September launch date didn’t work. New time frame is late January.

Plot summary: Jerry Nunez and his soldiers fight back against a limited cartel incursion across the Texas border. Please read my Line in the Valley blog posts for a sneak preview.

Thanks, and I hope you guys don’t get impatient and ditch me!


p.s. There’s a pretty cool story behind the cover photo.

Available in print and as an ebook from and Available electronically from iTunes/iBooks and

12 Responses to “Book launch, “Line in the Valley””

  1. 1 Kathryn Greten

    When can I get it? Impatient as always….lol, this is book 2 right? or is it book 3 before 2?

    • It is projected to be available on January 18th, same day as I have a book signing in The Woodlands, Texas. It’s actually book 3, but book 2 will be out before too long. Hope you enjoy it, Kathryn.

  2. Can’t wait!!!

  3. 5 Ken Hawley

    Not available for pre-order on Amazon yet! Don’t tease me, Chris.
    I’m really looking forward to it.

  4. 7 David

    Awesome. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this after reading Proof of Our Resolve and the excerpts here.

  5. 9 Stuart the Viking

    Reading Proof of Our Resolve right now. Finally dragged myself into the 20th century and bought an ebook reader. Line in the Valley is really the one I’ve been waiting for ever since you got me hooked on the candy with the sample chapters!


    • Stuart,

      Hope you enjoy Proof, and I’m pretty sure you’ll like the rest of Line in the Valley. I think I can make the objective assessment that LITV is a pretty damn good book.

  6. 11 SPEMack

    Oh hell yeah! I enjoyed the excerpts on here more than I enjoyed Proof of oir Resolve. Cant wait.

  7. 12 Scott Timmons

    I’d happily pre-oder book 2 and book 3 if you’d make them available! How else are we going to make you a famous celebrity gazillionaire?

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