What Veterans Day is and isn’t


Today isn’t about saving an additional 10% on shoes at the mall.

Today is for all those who stood ready to charge across the last few hundred yards of enemy territory, under fire, to carry forward our country’s ideals and values.

It’s a day I honor all veterans, but especially those who stood beside me in battle.


Happy Veterans Day 2013.

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8 Responses to “What Veterans Day is and isn’t”

  1. 1 SPEMack

    You can have air superiority, space dominance, and rule the seas, but at the end of the day, that last one hundred yards still belongs to the guy carrying the rifle.

    And that’s been true since the guys in the Argonne with their -1903s to the guys leaving Bagram with M-4s.

  2. 2 MACV S-2

    I wasn’t at Khe Sanh, but these words by a Marine, which he posted on a C-Rat box, remain true, regardless where or when you serve(d).

    “For those who will fight for it, FREEDOM has a flavor the protected shall never know.”
    L/Cpl Edwin L. Craft
    Khe Sanh, RVN 1968

  3. Happy Veterans Day! Thank you:)

  4. 4 BobF

    I realized on the way back today that JUST ONCE I’d like to see as many cars at the national cemetery, pick any one, as at the damned mall.

    Chris, you hit it spot-on.

  5. 5 Joe in PNG

    One would think that whoever did the ad could have at least used, at minimum, an American flag, a poppy, or a yellow ribbon or something vaguely having to do with Veterans Day.

  6. I will never understand the adjective “happy” before the words “Veteran’s Day”. The word “remember” seems more appropriate.

  7. 7 Isa

    Thank you to all American soldiers of the present and the past for what they have done for us. Forever grateful.

  1. 1 Happy Veterans Day 2013 | Faith1st Ministries

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