New Novel Release and Book Signing, January 18th in The Woodlands, Texas


This coming Saturday, January 18th, barring any unforeseen circumstances, my new novel Line in the Valley will be released by Tactical16 Publishing. As with my last book, it will first be an eBook only and will be available in print later. The more people buy and review it, the sooner it’ll be in print (hint hint nudge nudge). It will be offered on Amazon,, and iBooks.


I think you’ll like this book. It’s about a war on the Texas border. And what else does a story need? If you need convincing, please check out the sample chapters listed in the “Line in the Valley” category. If you do buy and read it, please feel free to leave a brutally honest review.

On Amazon:




On Saturday January 18th I’ll be at Barnes and Noble at The Woodlands mall in The Woodlands, Texas from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. I’ll be signing copies of Proof of Our Resolve, shaking hands, kissing babies, telling war and cop stories that may or may not be true, and just generally winning friends and influencing people. If you’re in the area come on out and say hello, even if you don’t buy a copy of my novel.

This is my first appearance in a major bookstore, and I really hope I don’t wind up standing there all alone for two hours. The blow to my self esteem would be fatal. And trust me, you don’t want to be responsible for the lonely, embarrassing death I’ll suffer if nobody shows up.


To everyone who has supported my writing, read and commented on my blog, or engaged me in vicious, hand to hand debates over my opinions, thank you! I hope you guys read and enjoy my book.


20 Responses to “New Novel Release and Book Signing, January 18th in The Woodlands, Texas”

  1. 1 FrankC

    Waiting untill the 18th.

  2. Hearty congrats, devil dog!
    Think positive: start doing pen&handshake PT to get your signature hand up to strength for Saturday.

    • But if I do that and nobody shows up, I’ll be crushed. I think I’ll just risk having a wussy handshake. But on the plus side, I just found out that my 14 year old neighbor plans on being there. So maybe I won’t be standing there alone for two hours.

  3. If I was only closer to Texas. Can’t wait to get the new book,

    • Thanks Mike. Hope you enjoy the book, please let me know what you think. Brutal honesty, please.

      • Snagged it off of Amazon earlier this evening, Holy Shit. I’m not sure I’m going to get any sleep tonight.

        • And that’s what I love to hear!

          • After realizing that I had to put it down sometime, to sleep, eat and stuff, I paced myself to the end. What a ride. By the end, I felt like I had been right there with SFC Nunez, Lt. Quincy and the rest of the grunts of First Platoon. The twists and turns, the gritty details, and the knowledge that this was written by someone that’s walked the walk. Damn good stuff. Now the only problem is waiting for the next one.

          • Mike,

            Just saw your review on Amazon. I’m honored, and owe you one. Thanks brother.


  4. Wish i could come to the signing Chris!! Be quite the road trip from NY! Can’t wait for Line in the Valley, just finished Proof, and LOVED it!

  5. 13 Travis

    Yeah, it would be a bit of a drive for me and the fam to head there from WA. I did however enjoy reading PooR and the teaser chapters of LitV so I’ll definitely purchase it when it becomes available.

    • Travis, is it too much to expect you to endure a five day road trip so you can meet me? My god, where are your priorities? 🙂

      Thanks and hope you enjoy it. I mean, I REALLY hope you enjoy it. I’m nervous about how this book will be received.

  6. Chris I just read the LitV teaser and was impressed. Looks like I get to add another tome to my addiction (book reading). The storyline reads with lots of attention to detail and it hangs well with just those short pages. Well done and I look forward to your other works.

  7. 17 SPEMack


  8. 19 Max

    Obtained Line in the Valley saturday, sat in my lawn chair under a perfect Texas sky with plenty of adult beverage and read the book cover to cover(so to speak). It was all that I expected and more. The action was heart stopping and the characters leaped to life before my eyes. The ending was as outstanding as it was unexpected. A great read and I will recommending it to all my friends. Well done and congratulations.

    Charlie Mike

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