“Truthers”, Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing: Inside the minds of conspiracy theorists




Know how I know that? Conspiracy theorists said so.

A couple of weeks ago I published an essay titled “Refuting Wolfgang Halbig, a Sandy Hook ‘truther’” (https://chrishernandezauthor.com/2014/03/02/refuting-a-sandy-hook-truther/). Halbig is supposedly a former police officer and “expert” on school shootings. According to numerous web sites quoting an interview he gave, he claims no children were killed at Sandy Hook elementary school in December 2012. He believes the Sandy Hook massacre was a “scripted event”.

Halbig had a list of eighteen points that supposedly “prove” Sandy Hook never happened. Using my experience as a police officer and active shooter instructor, I refuted each one. Some of Halbig’s points were pretty stupid (he apparently thought when someone is shot to death, all the blood drains from their body) and others were just, well, meaningless (the United Way raised money for the parents of Sandy Hook victims! It’s a conspiracy!).

The essay got a pretty positive response, at first. But within a few days, “truthers” heard about it. So they started coming to my blog and commenting. A few made calm, articulate statements. But most were what I would call ranting. And projecting. And accusing. And screaming. And probably slobbering.

Those ranting, irrational conspiracy theorists gave me some of the best entertainment I’ve had since starting this blog. I spent two weeks debating truthers, until they apparently got tired of it and one day just stopped commenting. Maybe that was random, maybe they had some kind of a conspiracist powwow and decided they were driving up my ratings by commenting, so they quit.

However, I learned a few things about truthers during my two-week debate with them. I had already known some of these things, or suspected them. But the last two weeks gave definite form to my previously unformed beliefs.

Everything I’m about to write is strictly my opinion. I’m not a psychologist, nor do I have much formal education. I’m just a cop and soldier who has spent decades learning how humans behave under stress. And as far as I can tell, disagreeing with a truther puts them under considerable stress. This essay is by no means an all-inclusive list of every way that conspiracists are screwed up, that would require numerous volumes.

I’ll also say this: I don’t believe everything the government says. For example, I believe many people in the federal government are lying their asses off about decisions made during the Benghazi attack. I don’t blame anyone for not blindly accepting official explanations. I do, however, blame people for buying into ridiculous conspiracy theories that would require thousands of regular people to carry out outrageous crimes while directly in the public’s eye. Incompetence and “spinning bad news” aren’t the same as conspiring to massacre innocent people in order to accomplish a political goal.

So having said that, let’s venture into the small, barren and occasionally dangerous mind of the conspiracy theorist.


Good God. You clowns are so blatant it’s actually humorous…ha ha ha ha ha ha …..You will have zero effect. I won’t waste anymore time here.
I urge SH truth researchers to leave this site to the shills.
This is a well known tactic. They want you to focus energy battling a neon sign flashing SHILL SITE. Don’t do it.
These clowns are internet actors in the way the SH parents etc were. Let them have their fake conversations with each other while we provide financial and legal support for Wolf.”

2) “chris hernandez the author is a troll and/or a shill, as his article is so full of irrelevant fodder and contains absolutely no facts. SH was scripted and liars lie. Why else would the dumb medical examiner say, ‘I hope they don’t have this come crashing down on them later.’”

I think these are my favorite comments. According to Webster, to shill is to “to talk about or describe someone or something in a favorable way because you are being paid to do it”. So according to these guys, I don’t actually believe what I wrote; I’m simply a paid spokesman for the Sandy Hook conspirators. No evidence exists to support their accusation, but that matters not. To them there is no other possible explanation.

This is something I now know about conspiracists: they don’t need evidence to “prove” something. Once they’ve decided “there is no other explanation for X”, X becomes true in their eyes. Even when there is literally not a shred of proof to support X, they’ll believe it. It’s not possible that I’m simply a regular Joe who read Halbig’s points, thought “That’s a load of crap” and wrote a rebuttal. No, I’m being paid to do this. And the CIA or NSA is boosting my site’s rankings so more people will read what they paid me to write. Despite any actual evidence to prove this, they believe it.

3) Hey – how did you get this tiny little site, with next to zero traffic, come up as the very first response to a google of “wolfgang halbig”? Can you say NSA? I knew that you could! (Try it for yourself, Google “wolfgang halbig” and see what’s up first)
And, while we’re debunking, please explain how 20 children were shot to death in a school, and there are zero lawsuits? Oh, and six grown ups too, and still no lawsuits. Not Possible here in the good old litigious USA.”

4) “Based on the facts about web ranking that I have put forward here, you should be able to see that it is absolutely impossible for your site to come up first on a Google search in front of the man’s own site you are denouncing.
So, you are either in collusion with those that can manipulate the rankings (Google/NSA) or – you are an unknowing useful prop, meaning the NSA is secretly pumping your site up without your knowledge.
Only you know the answer to that riddle. But if you are ignorant of what is giving you such a tail wind, then I ask that you consider why they would be surreptitiously promoting your viewpoint. If Wolfgang is wrong, and there were children murdered, why would they even bother themselves with this secret promotion of the contrary opinion? They wouldn’t need to do this, they would have the TRUTH on their side.
Submitted for your consideration.”

I’m no Google expert, but it seems to me that if more people come to my site than Halbig’s Facebook page, my site will come up first on a search. Am I wrong about this? Whatever the answer, these comments “prove” that I’m either colluding with the CIA/NSA or am an unknowing pawn of those agencies. It couldn’t be that Halbig doesn’t have too many visitors to his new FB page, or that many of his own followers came here to read and comment and therefore drove up my ranking. No, the nefarious federal government had to have been involved. Is any proof required? Of course not.

And by the way, the day truthers stopped commenting on my site, it stopped coming up as #1 on Google searches for Wolfgang Halbig. Crazy, isn’t it?

4) Not a single ‘wounded’ child from that day. Nothing.
That means the gunman – this 20 year old kid – had to get up close, concentrate, focus and aim directly at 5 and 6 year old children and place each shot with such an exactitude as to guarantee a kill – not once, twice or even ten times – but over 20 times.
Satan himself could not have even done such a thing.
It is an all but physical impossibility. He would have grown sick, weak and unable to continue after several kills.
If you have ever aimed a weapon and fired upon an innocent human being, you know that it is an extremely difficult thing to do.
Until I and a million other people have seen at least one image – of either a dead child, a wounded child, an autopsy photo, or…even a photo of a child in a casket – we will never believe another so-called ‘official story’ about anything – from anyone in our government – whether, local, state or federal. Ever again.
And this is precisely what I think the government wants, out of this alleged tragedy: for us to discover that they are liars – and for us to grow angry and distrustful towards them – so we will, in turn, rebel and revolt against them – so they, in turn, can arrest, kill and imprison as many of us as they can, placing us in all those ‘FEMA CAMPS’ that they have spent the past ten+ years building. They want to bring about THE END, people, of the current world as we know it.
BIBLICAL SH!T, people.
Prepare yourselves. With the Armor of God, the Armor of Jesus. The Armor of Truth.”

Yes, that’s a lot of crazy to pack into one comment. But it’s not the crazy that caught my attention. It’s the absolute lack of understanding of human nature.

Of course, no human has ever murdered children at close range. Such things didn’t happen at Srebrenica, or at the San Ysidro McDonald’s. They certainly never happened during the Holocaust, when the men of Police Battalion 101, among other units, shot thousands of women and children. Or during the Armenian Genocide. Or the Mumbai terrorist attack. Or the Beslan School massacre. Or the Kenya Mall attack. This commenter nearly broke his hand thumping a bible but apparently never read it, or he would have heard of Joshua’s army killing every living thing in Jericho (which would have entailed stabbing infants to death).

But since nobody would ever shoot numerous children, “not even Satan himself”, it’s only logical that the Sandy Hook massacre never happened. But the government and media are claiming this impossible event actually happened. Presto, we have a conspiracy.

This next commenter and I had a long exchange, which I’ll delve further into in a later post. But I want to point out part of one comment he made, to illustrate his (and truthers’ in general) weird way of looking at human behavior. The comment is about Jeff Bauman, who lost both legs in the Boston Bombing, and Carlos Arredondo, who helped save his life. Bauman and Arredondo were seen together in this famous photograph (fair warning, graphic content ahead):


Wonder how the Boston Bombing got injected into this discussion? Because, of course, that was a government conspiracy too.

“The very next day “Jeff Bauman” and Cowboy Carlos (from the Dominican Republic…who had a Devil Dog son die in Iraq on Carlos’ birthday) are on Facebook with Jeff sitting up in bed, laughing, smiling….no IVs…no morphine pump…NO sign of trauma. Happy and smiling!
Carlos and Cindy Sheehan. Code Pink.
Carlos tried to kill himself and the Marine detail sent to tell him that his son died. Lucky for him there was a quick thinking Marine or Carlos never would have got the chance wheel “Jeff” down the street…and pose with him everywhere…Bruins…Celtics…Red Sox…and Patriot games.
Cindy ain’t in the game anymore. Carlos is.
Code Pink..”

This commenter apparently thinks Carlos Arredondo, an anti-war activist who lost a Marine son in Iraq and a second son to suicide, colluded with whoever “really” planted the Boston Marathon bombs. His job was to act like he was rescuing Jeff Bauman, who didn’t really lose his legs that day. And I don’t exactly get this part, but Code Pink, those bunch of hysterical, moronic women who dress in vagina costumes, paint their hands red, sing and dance at military recruiting offices and shriek at political foes, were also somehow involved. Because it’s totally believable that Code Pink idiots and a peace activist like Arredondo would conspire to trick the entire country into believing that someone other than the government bombed Boston. Or something like that.

So let’s look at the mechanics of how this “conspiracy” would have worked.

Since Jeff Bauman must have already lost his legs before the bombing, he showed up to the Boston Marathon wearing fake legs. He stayed a safe distance away from where he knew the bombs were; he had to have, if he had been too close he might have been killed. Then, when the bomb detonated, he rushed over, took his fake legs off to expose “moulaged” fake injuries, and laid down among other injured people. Also, according to some conspiracists, he or someone else spread red paint near him. Someone else must have also grabbed his fake legs, hidden them in a bag or something and left. Actual legs, with injuries that matched Bauman’s, would have to have been left at the scene, since that bomb was not powerful enough to completely destroy every last bit of his legs and someone might have looked around and said, “Hey, this guy’s legs were blown off. Shouldn’t they be around here somewhere?” Also, his face must have been quickly made up to appear as if he had been near the explosion, and his hair moussed to appear that it had been affected by the blast (it would have been sorta difficult to walk around the Boston Marathon with a blackened face and hair blown sideways without attracting attention).

At this point, after Bauman rushed to the scene, laid down and removed his fake legs and spread fake blood, and after someone else removed the fake legs and left real ones, and quickly made Bauman’s face and hair appear affected by the explosion (and all of this without being noticed by either bystanders or cameras), Bauman started acting like a real victim. Then Arredondo came to his rescue, helped tourniquet his legs and put him in a wheelchair, and with others pushed him to an ambulance.

One of the others who helped was apparently an EMT, according to the patch on his jacket. I attended an EMT course several years back. It’s not advanced training, but an EMT can identify a minor injury like, oh, someone having their legs blown off. So why would this EMT have played along by treating and evacuating someone for an injury they didn’t really have? Either he wasn’t really an EMT, or…wait for it…he was part of the conspiracy.

Then, while they were pushing him to the ambulance, they happened to run across a photographer who took the famous photograph above. This was fortuitous, since all this conspiracizing would have been for naught if nobody took pictures of it. The pictures are what grabbed everyone’s attention.

But what if it the photographer’s presence wasn’t a happy accident? Maybe the photographer was waiting on the route he knew they would take, so he could take a picture of injuries he knew were fake. Maybe the photographer was…oh my god…part of the conspiracy.

So they arrived at the ambulance. The paramedics in the ambulance, of course, would have been able to identify fake injuries. So would the doctors and nurses at the hospital. But the paramedics, doctors and nurses treated injuries they knew were fake, they didn’t protest or tell the press “this guy wasn’t even hurt”, because…well…actually, why would doctors and nurses play along?

You guessed it. They had to be part of the conspiracy.

Conspiracists believe this is what actually happened. Many of them actually think a veteran named Nick Vogt who had previously lost his legs in Afghanistan pretended to be “Jeff Bauman”. Vogt and Bauman really don’t look alike, other than being white and thin. But truthers have convinced themselves, without any evidence Vogt was involved, that Vogt is also part of the conspiracy. Because assigning guilt without evidence is what truthers do. People like them are the reason we have constitutional safeguards; if truthers ran criminal courts, innocent people would be convicted left and right based on “I know you did it! There’s no other explanation!” or “You’re guilty! You look sort of like the guy who I think was part of the conspiracy!”

These truther fools use nonsense “logic” and conduct predetermined “investigations” to convince themselves and others who are equally mentally deficient that a conspiracy is hiding under every rock. Conspiracy theorists are a lot like “Creation Scientists”. No, not like fundamentalist Christians who believe in the Genesis story, but creation scientists. These “scientists” don’t follow the scientific method whatsoever. Rather than formulating a hypothesis, experimenting and researching and then reaching a conclusion, they start with the conclusion. They “know” the Genesis story is true; therefore, every piece of “evidence” they find is twisted to support what they already believe, or if it can’t be twisted it’s simply discarded as fake.

“Truthers”, “truth researchers” and “conspiracy investigators” are no different. They’re positive the Sandy Hook was a government conspiracy (as was the Boston Bombing, and the JFK assassination, and the Moon Landing, and probably the missing Malaysian airliner, and so on). So everything they see becomes “evidence” of conspiracy, and gigantic obvious pieces of real evidence, like the photos of Bauman’s horrible wounds, are discarded as fake. And while these truthers carry out their bullshit “investigations” that determined guilt within minutes of the event, they assign blame to good, decent men and women who suffered horrible losses at the hands of truly evil, non-government criminals and terrorists.

Jeff Bauman, who lost both legs to cowardly bombers: conspirator!

Carlos Arredondo, who rushed to help a horribly wounded stranger: conspirator!

Nick Vogt, who lost his legs serving his country: conspirator!

Parents of children who were murdered at Sandy Hook, police officers who responded, paramedics and EMTs, doctors and nurses at emergency rooms, members of the media who covered the story, morticians who handled the victims’ bodies: all conspirators!

And while they’re making broad accusations based on zero evidence or even understanding of basic reality, they’re simultaneously branding anyone who disagrees as deluded, “Zionist slaves”, “sheeple”, lemmings or pawns of the government. THEY WRITE IN ALL CAPS AND USE TONS OF EXCLAMATION POINTS BECAUSE THEY THINK SCREAMING MAKES THEIR POINTS MORE VALID!!!!! And they long for the day that aaaallllll the conspiracies they just know are true will be revealed. So that everyone will have to look to them and say, “Holy cow, conspiracy theorist! Even though you know jack-shit about real investigations, even though everything you ‘know’ comes from stupid internet articles on conspiracy web sites, you were actually right about everything all along! I bow down to you, oh great one!”

But I have to admit something. Conspiracy theorists do in fact reveal important truths. Unfortunately for them, those truths are only about what goes on inside their own minds. They have nothing at all to do with the reality of Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombing or any other conspiracy truthers so desperately want to believe in.


76 Responses to ““Truthers”, Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing: Inside the minds of conspiracy theorists”

  1. 1 Nathalie Leclercq

    Did you know that the tendency to believe in conspiracy theories is actually one of the main symptoms of borderline personality disorder? In other words, you are trying to refute the beliefs of people who are suffering from mild paranoia. These are people who may have experienced some traumatic events in their childhood and now feel isolated and lonely. In other words, they’re loonies, it’s not their fault, and you’re wasting your time arguing with them (but it’s nice of you that you’re trying). But your energy would be put to better use if you kept focusing on that French-American love story you promised a while ago… Just sayin’.

    • Nathalie,

      I think I’ve written this not for the conspiracy theorists, but for anyone who’s on the fence about whether or not to believe in these stupid theories.

      And the French story is being rewritten as we speak. I might need your help on that. 🙂

  2. 4 chrisrapier

    I think that a lot of conspiracy theorist have a very difficult time accepting that sometimes, for no good reason, horrible things happen. It makes them feel out of control. So instead of accepting that a lunatic killed a score of children for no good reason at all it has to be part of some larger plan. While that plan is scary and terrifying it at least means that someone is in *control* of the situation. Not only that, but these awful seeming things can stop if they can just expose the persons in control. To them the idea that 19 determined people can use jet liners as massive bombs is *more* terrifying than our own government would causing billions of dollars of damage and slaughtering 3,000 of it’s own citizens in order to beef up military funding fighting a non-existent terrorist group.

    Of course, conspiracy theories have come to be accepted by a large number of people – like that the medical industry has cures for almost everything but it won’t release them because they make more money from sick people. That would be a worldwide conspiracy involves tens of thousands of people but that makes more sense to them than anything else. Or that vaccines, which have saved millions of lives, are poisoning children but they make so much money off of them that they hide the evidence. The fact that most pharmaceutical companies make more money in one day on the sales of impotence meds than they do one a years worth of vaccines doesn’t factor into it.

    • Chris,

      Those are interesting points, thanks for bringing them up. I agree, the idea of a huge overarching conspiracy can be “comforting” to those who desperately want to be in control of everything. It seems counterintuitive, but those people seem more able to accept the idea of an evil cabal than random evil.

    • 6 KHorn

      I always liked William Manchester similar comment about the Kennedy assassination:
      “Those who desperately want to believe that President Kennedy was the victim of a conspiracy have my sympathy. I share their yearning. To employ what may seem an odd metaphor, there is an esthetic principle here. If you put six million dead Jews on one side of a scale and on the other side put the Nazi regime – the greatest gang of criminals ever to seize control of a modern state – you have a rough balance: greatest crime, greatest criminals. But if you put the murdered President of the United States on one side of a scale and that wretched waif Oswald on the other side, it doesn’t balance. You want to add something weightier to Oswald. It would invest the President’s death with meaning, endowing him with martyrdom. He would have died for something. A conspiracy would, of course, do the job nicely. Unfortunately, there is no evidence whatsoever that there was one.”
      As an amateur astronomer, I run into the UFO conspiracy types all the time. The worst was living in Houston during the pass by of Comet Hale-Bopp and having a local black helicopter type saying he’d imaged a Saturn like object following behind. My club actually agreed to meet with him and despite the fact we showed him image after image and a several different sky tracking software results showing he had misidentified a particular star he refused to admit his error and of course we were all now proud members of the vast shadow government and health spa. I’m still waiting for my first paycheck, lousy secretive bastards.

      • K,

        That’s an interesting quote. I see that point, it certainly seems that a Boston Bombing or Sandy Hook would require a grand, powerful organization. Some people just can’t believe low-life nobodies could pull off crimes that huge.

        That’s funny about the guy in Houston. And it’s utterly believable. All one has to do is look at the nonsense pictures on the internet that “prove” Jeff Bauman’s amputated legs at the Boston bombing were faked.

  3. 10 Scot M

    Thank you for mentioning the Boston bombings in this article Chris. I believe that those who call that event a fake, scripted, or conspiracy deserve just as much scorn as SH theorists. For me particularly, that strikes close to home, as I personally know two of the people who were injured in the blasts…for someone to tell me it was all fake, makes me want to go postal on their ass!

    Chrisrapier makes a good point too about 911, and I can only imagine why you left that major conspiracy favorite out of this conversation (it could take two or three full length posts of it’s own to discuss!), nevertheless some intelligent people I know are adamant that our governments had something to do with it. But I digress…

    I would like to respectfully disagree with you on part of what you said. Yes, there are some extremist religious factions who claim to be “creation scientists” and produce their findings or results in the manner you described. However, there are also some creation scientists who actually do use very common scientific methods to produce results. Yes, one could say that all creation believers are biased to a point, but at the same time, because it IS such a hot issue (biblical creation vs millions of years/evolution) it could just as easily be said that scientists trying to prove the generally secular view of our origins are just as biased.
    I know I just brought up a whole nother conversation, but as a Believer, I just had to add my .02. I am however, a very open minded and non judgemental person, and I believe everyone is entitled to their belief or opinion.

    All that being said, I loved this follow up essay. I had to laugh at a few points where you used some of the more humorous example comments from the last story, well done!

  4. Scot,

    I hope your friends continue to recover. The conspiracy theories I’ve heard of involving Boston don’t claim the bombings never happened (it would be hard to claim that, since they were televised), but that the Tsarnaevs weren’t the real bombers. I guess Dhokar Tsarnaev is cooperating with the real bombers by pretending to be guilty. Or something like that.

    On the creation scientist question, I understand what you’re saying. My question though, is “Are creation scientists open to the idea that the creation story isn’t true?” If they’re not, then they’re not using the scientific method. Just like any secular scientist wouldn’t really be a scientist if he had predetermined answers to the research he was conducting.

    I’ve known many good, decent, intelligent people who choose to believe the creation story. I understand that. But I haven’t seen any way to turn that into a scientific conclusion. I’m open to hearing it, but I warn you, I’m a hard sell. 🙂

    • 12 Scot M

      Yeah I hear you, and I appreciate the fact that you’re open minded as well. I wasn’t trying to necessarily sell you on anything, was just saying it for informational purposes. If you truly are interested, I can message you some stuff to look at sometime.

    • 13 Scot M

      And I’m sorry, what I meant to say was “people who think the event was scripted, and all of the injureds were actors” like they claim with this Bauman guy.

  5. 14 Joe in PNG

    Conspiracy theorist, in my opinion, watch way too many movies. In a movie, the truther nut is usually right… and gets the really hot gal in the end, ect.
    The plot is usually overly complex yet easily guessable, with much split second timing and feats of omniscient clarvoience on the part of the villian. Plus, lets not mention the endless hoards of competent sociopaths willing to work as minions.

    Anyway, reality isn’t like that. Check history.

  6. They also demonstrate that the easiest way to boost Google rankings is to write the silliest $#!^ in creation, with the most blatantly implausible nonsense as its entire foundation and structure, and the Moron Minions will show up to support it in droves.

    If someone ever took advantage of this tendency of the insaniac hordes for political purposes, they could bamboozle millions of voters and run for Presi…

    O crap, TOO LATE!

    I’m a little disappointed though, as I posted the same critiques I put in your comments from the original discussion on Gasbag’s site (lest I be accused of sharpshooting the guy from cover), but they seem to have been moderated into never appearing, so I didn’t get any parade of whackadoddles peeing in my corner of the internet. Oh wait, that’s a feature, not a bug. Nevermind.

  7. ” This is something I now know about conspiracists: they don’t need evidence to “prove” something ”
    Of course as absence of evidence is the evidence of conspiracy! They are too smart for you – no proof is a proof- hard to answer that.

  8. For “truthers”,life looks like being Jim Carrey in The Truman Show.
    It reminds me nightmares I had when i was a child about the reality of the world, like if everything was fake and everybody conspiring against me, everybody knowing the truth but me, like being the rat in the labyrinth. Weird but pretty common I’ve heard, for children starting to confront the outside world. This is not supposed to last when ones grows up!
    I guess this reveal a lack of self-confidence or that kind of psychological weakness leading them to deny reality.

  9. 18 Ian

    Thanks for taking the time to make this information available, recently heard Halbig speak on a podcast, he came across as knowledgeable and presented the points you have addressed. Although I gave him little credence it did prompt me to look further online thus finding this page. One wonders if he has ever given any thought to the relatives of the victims, and the effect his activities might have on them, but then again if he thinks it did not happen, probably not. If he is promoting his version of events for financial gain then he must be selfish beyond belief.

    • 19 apollonian

      u should ck good sites for info regarding Sandy Hook hoax–there’s MemoryHoleBlog dot wordpress dot com, and hoaxAtSandyHook dot BlogSpot. Prof. Jim Fetzer does good work too at VeteransToday dot com.

      Halbig is experienced investigator–he knows what questions/issues are most pertinent and critical. Why don’t principals in Conn. just give-out w. the info?–why are they covering-up?–they’re a bunch of frauds and criminals, that’s why.

      • 20 Scot M

        This IS WordPress.com, you dunce.

      • 21 Scot M

        And if Halbig was such an “experienced” investigator, why did he ask such easily answerable questions, that Chris answered or refuted in the previous post? Or did you not bother reading it?

        • 22 apollonian

          Punk: I read Chris’s “rebuttals,” but didn’t bother to respond–yet–because obviously while one or two or maybe even some of the lame and facile excuses Chris gives might have been true, not all of them could have happened all at same time.

          And there’s no doubt there’s a huge, intensive cover-up going on, amounting to criminal fraud w. public servants refusing to do their lawful jobs in giving-out w. information public is entitled to.

          Why was Halbig threatened by Conn. cops and other officials, threats conveyed by local cops in Fla.? See http://memoryholeblog.com/2014/03/24/sandy-hook-charity-industry-follow-the-money/ Why are the Sandy Hook family members being paid off w. such incredible, huge sums of money?–some of it tax-payer funds–it’s because they’re all being paid-off to keep mouths shut, obviously, dunce.

          • 23 Scot M

            At this point, it’s obvious to me that there is no arguing with crazy, since you seem to have your mind made up already, despite claims from people like you to “be keeping an open mind to possibilities”. Despite that your arguments are constantly contradicting themselves.

            Sooo, because YOU, as a “concerned citizen” do not know what happened to all of this supposed money (that article was a shock and awe piece to me, it did not follow a rationale at all, nor do I believe all the monies raised for the school, families, and EMS crews should be lumped into one large payouts number), that suddenly you think that something sinister is going on? That people are being paid to keep quiet? Maybe the families accept that an evil thing happened to their loved ones, and despite all the hype raised by this incident, just want to move on with their lives. No lawsuits? Maybe these people are intelligent enough to know that no amount of money will bring their kids back.

            As far ad Halbig’s claims of threats go, thats all hearsay on his part. He has no proof of that, but Damn, does it sound good and make for some juicy conspiracy reading!

            When you say things like “obviously” and “no doubt”, one would assume that there is some concrete, factual evidence that leaves “no doubt” as to the accuracy of the claims. Nothing, not even YouTube videos, or articles that compile dozens of random facts that are meant to overwhelm the average reader, are “evidence” to me, or anyone else with half a brain.

            So keep trying. Keep trying to act all tough, and high-end-mighty, and so much more intelligent than people like Chris, myself, and all those who don’t buy your crazy idea. People like me, who admit their shortcomings, and lack of understanding in certain areas, but certainly don’t claim to have ALL the answers, just because we know how to read lots of stuff on the internet.

            Thats all

          • 24 apollonian

            Okay Scot: well, I acknowledge u and I’ve had pretty fair dialectic/debate on the topic at hand, and people can now judge for themselves. I know I gave a good link/reference, and I commend u for at least taking notice.

            And thanks to Chris, too, for publishing this discussion and these comments.

          • Apollonian,

            I don’t have a whole lot of time now, but I just want to address two points. One, you talked about conspiracies throughout history. And you’re absolutely right, there have been many. What’s different about the alleged Sandy Hook conspiracy is that it doesn’t rely on government agents to succeed, it relies on regular everyday people. And that’s not believable. Thousands of regular people would have to willingly lie and keep lying for the rest of their lives in order for this conspiracy to work. That defies human nature.

            Second, you mentioned the Constitution. That’s very important. The USC is one of the reasons these conspiracy theories can’t be taken seriously. Conspiracy theorists have assigned guilt, despite having no actual evidence. We have constitutional safeguards for criminal defendants specifically so that nobody can be convicted based on “He’s guilty, I just know it”, “He has to be guilty, there’s no other explanation”, or “I don’t have to have evidence, everyone knows he’s guilty”.

            Moore later, I just wanted to let you know I did read your comments. And while you did start off by insulting me, I appreciate your last comment thanking me. So no hard feelings. 🙂

          • 26 apollonian

            Like We’ve noted, Chris, (a) not all the players have to know everything about the whole conspiracy, esp. at Sandy Hook, just their own little parts, (b) It seems may of these players were specially chosen, and had either legal or financial problems so they were subject to influence and under some pressure. (c) Never doubt the vast financial resources of the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEIT scam has these folks well-rewarded and paid-off–aside fm being a huge fraud/conspiracy itself.

            So ask urself HOW the Fed fraud has gotten by for over a hundred yrs now?–people in first place don’t understand a simple, yet abstract, thing like money, what it is. Then there’s the mass-corp. Jews-media to back-stop any debate/discussion–at least up till recently w. the mighty I-net.

            Do u seriously doubt there was tremendous conspiracy to JFK assassination?–some polls say 90% of US population believe there was conspiracy.

            Finally, the Sandy Hook consp. is obviously gov.-led, -driven, and heavily involved, gov. officials refusing to do their jobs for public information–this is criminal right there.

          • 27 Mike

            Why do you keep using words like “obviously” when it is not at all obvious? You are 100% convinced even though there is no concrete evidence of your theory.

          • 28 apollonian

            Gov. is supposed to serve the people; why then are they so plainly covering-up?–like w. “fast & furious” scandal/conspiracy, arming drug cartel(s)–like w. present IRS scandal–like w. 9/11, etc., etc.

            Poor damn fools can’t figure-out US gov. is run by traitors and criminals working for Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateralists, Bilderbergers, in accord w. AGENDA-21 mass-murder and genocide, which they’re doing already by slow-kill methods, poison fluoride in water supplies, GMO foods, poison food-additives, like aspartame and MSG, toxic vaccines, poison prescription drugs and drugging of the population, 20% of kids in school, poison “chem-trails,” respiratory illnesses sky-rocketing and now 3rd leading cause of death, nuke contamination.

          • 29 Scot M

            Bilderberg? Agenda 21? Ok, now you’ve lost ALL credibility… and nuclear contamination third leading cause of death? Lets see some stats for that.

          • 32 apollonian

            And agenda-21 is all about genocide, euphemistically called, “population reduction.” See http://www.infowars.com/the-population-reduction-agenda-for-dummies/

          • 33 Scot M

            I’m still failing to see where nuclear contamination is the third leading cause of death. And if infowars is where you getall your information, you just might need to stay in crazy town. That’s not proof. Those are opinion pieces, and my little sister can make a YouTube video that “prooves” the moon landing was fake. Don’t give me a YouTube link and expect me to be convinced.

          • 34 apollonian

            Hey scott: u’re metro-sexual, aren’t u? Ho ho ho ho

  10. 35 apollonian

    Is Chris Hernandez Deliberately Lying?–Or Is He Just Stupid?

    Chris: u try wayyyyyyyyyyy toooo hard, and “protesteth too much” for all ur prop. and whining about consp. theorists.

    Have u read US Declaration of Independence by Tom Jefferson?–it’s literally a carefully detailed conspiracy theory–consp. theory is INTEGRAL and essential to everything USA is all about, and esp. the Constitution, the Bill of Rights written to preclude the consp. actions which were detailed by Jefferson.

    Have u hrd about New Testament of the Christian Bible?–it’s all about how Pharisees and Sadducees conspired to murder TRUTH and Christ, noneother than God the Son. Consp. theory is integral and essential not only to USA but to entire Western Culture.

    Did u hear about the LIBOR conspiracy whence big banks rigged int. rates?–have u hrd about any prosecution against these big banks and bankers?

    Chris: do u understand what the US Federal Reserve Bank is and does?–it literally (legally) COUNTERFEITS the money supply, by means of a printing press and also computer digitalization.

    Did u hear about the infamous Gulf of Tonkin incident whence US Navy and gov. LIED and said they were attacked by N. Vietnamese patrol boats?

    Did u hear about the JFK assassination–and other assassinations?–do u think they were products of conspiracy?

    Have u hrd about “fast & furious” scandal whence Obongo Justice dept. sent weapons to arm Mexican drug cartel(s)?

    How about the present IRS conspiracy against conservative political groups, like the T-party?–do u think that was conspiratorial?

    Did u hear about Iran-Contra, back in 80s whence cocaine was brought in to USA, sold, and proceeds going to arm CIA and US mercenaries in Cent. America?

    Have u hrd about Fukushima, Japan, whence the state and other authorities are lying about the amount of radiation contamination which is steadily being dumped into Pacific ocean, etc.

    So Chris: do u begin to see what an utter and ignorant fool u really and truly are? Ho ho ho ho ho

    • 36 RandyGC

      Oh the irony of someone lacking the basic skills of grammar and spelling calling someone ignorant…

      • 37 apollonian

        Ho ho ho ho–talk about “ignorant”–is spelling/grammar sufficient to convey the thoughts regarding conspiracy subject? Typical troll attempting to distract fm the substance by means of talking about style.

  11. 38 6B45N

    Hundreds, Even Thousands Of People Would Have To Keep A Secrete For Years. Impossible. Three People Can Keep A Secrete, If Two Are Dead.

    • 39 apollonian

      6b45N: u’re not thinking–consider Stalinist Russia where no one could say ANYTHING about practically anything–just by means of the general terror. And this sort of terror is well kept here in USA too, though not quite at same scale or intensity, so far, as Stalin’s Russia. Local police were told to keep mouths shut by Feds for OKC bombing (done by Feds, no doubt)–this is attested and documented–there are many other instances too–ck the Vince Foster murder case whence witnesses were told to keep quiet.

      Look at present Sandy Hook “charities” whence people involved there are being paid-off in millions–which can be done by the Fed COUNTERFEIT money-machine.

      Further, note not everyone involved in conspiracies, esp. of gov., is privy to all details–they only know about their own little parts. And covering things is the mass-corp. Jews-media which will selectively report, ignore, distort, and outright lie for critical details. Look about and observe how many are dependent on gov. for substantial funds–or on corp.s that do business w. gov.–like the military-ind.-complex.

      • 40 Mike

        Time to put the cuckoo back in the clock buddy.

        • 41 apollonian

          Hey mikey mike: aren’t u really just a metro-sexual dude?–and all u’re doing is backing-up ur buddy Obongo?–because he’s for em-powering u psychos, and u’re so grateful u’ll back him up for anything?

          • ANNOUNCEMENT:

            I’ve let every truther have their say in this discussion, except for one guy who only posted a link to a web site. I’ve let Apollonian drone on because he’s provides a good example of conspiracy theorist thinking; nothing the government says is true, this is “obviously” a conspiracy even though no truther has provided a shred of actual evidence against a single individual, complete lack of understanding of actual evidence and investigation, etc. I even let the personal insults go on, because they’re typical truther tactics (if you can’t make logical arguments, attack your opponent). But you’ve said enough BS, Apollonian. If you have points, make them. But don’t post insulting teenager nonsense and expect me to keep approving your comments.

      • 43 6B45N


        Let Me Get This Straight…Every Cop, EMT, FBI Agent, Doctors, Nurses, surgeons, Janitors, any Person Who Was At The Scene, hospital, morgue, cemetery, The Parents, Siblings, other Family Members, Friends, SUrviving Children, Teachers, Mayor, All had To Be Paid Off. Then The families Of The Kids Who Were murdered Must Move And Keep Their Child In Hiding For The Rest Of Their Lives?

        in Todays world Of instant Fame, You Mean To Tell Me That Not One Person HaS Stepped Forward To Say, “Hey I Was There And This Never Happened!”

        Someone, Even Anonymously, Would Step Up.

        • 44 apollonian

          6B45N: Note gov. is evermore corrupt, without doubt. Sandy Hook incident began as highly elaborate drill, as Sofia Smallstorm and James Fetzer have exposited–this is matter of record.

          People in gov. are recruited and kept-on or not according to how/whether they’re proven team-players–and yes, they’re all well paid-off for Sandy Hook incident, without a doubt–just ck my citations. The “families” were carefully chosen before-hand, for years, they all having legal and financial problems–and now, they’re all moving away and dis-appearing.

          U seem to forget NSA and way they monitor everything–it’s impossible nowadays for complete anonymity–and yes, NSA is surely involved, at least for over-sight. No one would step-up for simple fact they were carefully selected in first place, and now well-paid off now–they’re all rolling in money, and what do they care?–they were selected in first place for sympathy to gun-control effort.

          • 45 6B45N

            OMG….I Totally See It Now. It makes Prefect Sense. What Can I Do? Who Do I Turn Too? I Must Gather All The Information. Help Me Apolloian, You’re My Only Hope.

          • 46 apollonian

            Golly gee, 6b45n, what happened?–lose ur confidence in criminals and scum in gov., running corp.s, pushing the prop. and lies in public edjumacation, teaching Satanism and Jew-worship in Christian churches? Ho ho ho ho ho–I thought they were ur good buddies.

          • 47 Scot M

            Apollonian is Santa clause in disguise… always “ho ho ho-ing”

  12. Hi chris,
    I was turned on to your blog by a flyingtiger. i am a researcher who has spent hundreds of hours investigating Sandy Hook and I have published several indepth video reports on the shooting. I am a true truther because I seek and show the truth in my videos. You did a decent job refuting this hoaxer halbig; however you refuted him with opinion and experience. Halbig can be equally debunked by factual analysis of the report itself, as I did. Keep up the good work. Fetzer and Halbig are clowns of the highest order and these hoaxers need people willing to hold them accountible for their relentless barage of lies and distortions.

    Thank you my brother.

    • 49 apollonian

      Wade: where’s evidence anyone was killed at Sandy Hook?–where’s vid of Adam crashing into the bldg.? Why are the politicians and bureaucrats refusing to answer questions and give info?

      How do u know the Sandy Hook event wasn’t really just an elaborated drill, which was, I understand, scheduled for that very day?

      U talk about “relentless barage of lies and distortions”–so what are some of these “lies” and “distortions”?–u’re the liar, aren’t u?–if not, then produce direct answers to these questions of mine.

  13. 50 apollonian

    Here’s latest conspiratorial scandal: http://www.infowars.com/scandal-mass-media-censors-shocking-admission-of-turkish-false-flag/

    Comrades: u need to have it dawn upon u that there are criminals highly organized and connected all throughout our culture who NOT ONLY head our gov., they’re all over running the top corp.s–what do u expect when u have legalized COUNTERFEITING scam like Fed putting out the very money? U people have to start doing some serious thinking.

    • 51 Mike

      Can someone block this idiot?

      • 52 apollonian

        What’s problem Mikey-mike–too much facts, info, and truth? Ho ho ho

        • 53 Mike

          Facts, info, and truth? No. All I see are the ramblings of a disturbed mind. How many copies of The Catcher in the Rye do you own?

  14. 54 flyingtigercomics

    Reblogged this on Flying Tiger Comics.

  15. 55 flyingtigercomics

    Reblogged this on Flying Tiger Comics.

  16. 56 flyingtigercomics

    Chris, the reason your earlier post went “dead” with no more woo posts is because in the mean time the few the proud frontrunners who spoke out against Halbig have been proven 100% correct about the guy and now even the grandmaster woo people have come down against him, mainly since he is, as I said from day one, a donate button looking for a cause.

    As a conspiracy theorist, I prefer the terms fortean, researcher or even, yes, truther, although truther has become the new pejorative since conspiracy theorist has become devalued by all sides. As contactee is to abductee so is conspiracy theorist to truther.

    But there areal conspiracies, and there are continuity errors in the official narratives. And not just little inconsistencies, sometimes there are great big honking problems with what the lapdog media tells the citizenry. Including about JFK, 9/11 (Pakistan money? Horribly sloppy airport security? Missing trillions at the pentagon?), the Boston Bombing (did they screw up the security cordon because a drill was going on at the same time? Did the perps get info on the drill from slack FBI handlers?) and so on.

    I take a Fortean approach because like Charles Fort himself I think there is a great deal of magical thinking and it needs to be crushed in favor of critical thinking. Or we may as well all just crawl back into the ocean or back up into trees and sit bare-assed naked howling at the moon.

    “A life without questions is not worth living”.

    “But don’t shit on someone else’s carpet”.

    • I hear you, tiger. I don’t agree with everything you say, but I understand your position. Thanks for all your participation in this thread.

      • 58 flyingtigercomics

        I am still very embarassed by other people on “my side” of the discussion. It makes me uncomfortable although it’s also a good warning to me about boundaries not to cross.

        But the abuse of you and your position is a plain disgrace and for people dedicated to “truth” it’s a particular shame that they go the ad hominem route without so much as adducing a skerrick of evidence.

        They mistake the man for the argument, and that is as egregious as any particular of real conspiracy.

        Dissent is the essence of liberty, groupthink by truthers should be oxymoronic. That it isn’t is cause for all the researchers to pause and reflect. Especially, they should be asking how Halbig and Fetzer and Shafquat and all of their ilk so easily draw them in…

  17. 59 apollonian

    Chris Hernandez: Just A Murderer, That’s All

    I mean, after all, Chris, what are u, in essence?–just a paid murderer, that’s all. Where’d u go?–Afgan and Iraq to kill poor people who did nothing against Jew S A?

    So naturally, u feel guilty and hope to expiate by means of more lying to urself about ur criminal masters who set u, like a dog, upon ur victims out east, eh?

    But think about this, Chrissy–the people u went out to murder–who were they?–INSURGENTS–who/what do u think we are?–and “truthers”?–we’re INSURGENTS. Ur career in mass-murder has only begun, comrade–and we’re wise to scum like u, don’t doubt, sucker.

    • I was going to block all your comments, but this one’s too good to ignore. You’re an “insurgent”? Excuse me whilst I pee myself from uncontrollable laughter.

      I’ll post more later. Thanks for the funny, I needed it.

    • 62 flyingtigercomics

      Jesus prison showering Christ, just stop already.

  18. I recently watched a video called “Boston Hoaxathon”. The video clearly shows fraud. Why are these people getting away with making false claims? They’re profiting from a terrorist attack and nothing is being done. What are your thoughts on the fraud caught on video? Their tsking money from the people that really got hurt.

  19. 64 Kurt

    No you cannot argue with crazy. Like people who claim to have friends injured in the “bombings”. That is just BS. Prove it.

    • 65 Scot M

      Lol, that’s funny Kurt. Considering it has NOTHING to do with this discussion. I don’t have to prove anything of the sort to you


    Chris, First I would like you to look up Ted Gunderson, And the book “the last Jihad” From the book you must choose 1 crazy truth, either the author is able to see clearly into the future, or their is a conspiracy. As for Mr. Gunderson, he was head of the FBI LA Office He spent 30 years of his retirement trying to prove the innocence of a Green Beret that was wrongly accused of murdering his wife and 2 children. During that 30 years he came to believe that there was a massive conspiracy. In 2005 he was murdered with Arsenic for speaking out about this. When I first heard one of his lectures, I thought “no way.” So I began looking into some of the areas that he mentioned, read papers and listened to lectures by credible people with decades of expertise in their particular fields such as Karen Hudes lead counsel for the world bank, Ken Okeefe former marine turned activist, Graeme MacQueen, founding Director of the Center for Peace Studies at McMaster University, to name a few. It is the overwhelming consensus that indeed there is a conspiracy. Now if you had done any research yourself I believe that you with your experience would have reached the same conclusion. That leads me to believe that you are in fact one of the treasonous scumbags responsible for the murders of many American citizens and guilty of crimes against humanity for the unfounded wars that benefited the war profiteers paid with the blood of good soldiers and caused the deaths of millions of human beings You must think that your immune from the coordinated collapse of this nation and that the people who easily do this to fellow americans would never do something to you. Let me ask you this, do you have a billion dollars? are you particularly affluent at anything besides subterfuge? Are you beautiful and/or famous? Do you honestly think that you’re welcome in their special club. You’re a traitor to this country and your masters will toss you away like the trash you are when you’ve served your purpose. And that’s if your not tried for treason first. I hope your proud of the legacy you’ve left for humanity may that keep you warm at night.

  21. I would love clarification……if one was to have actual proof re any ( choose one) conspiracy, who would they take it to, so the world would know?…..your local cop?….. News agency?…. CNN?…FBI?…..you?…..love it when people say SOMEONE would come foreword…..not so easy when you think who would or where would you go……anybody have a legitimate answer?….. Please consider the circumstance before comment….

    • 69 realtruther

      The argument that an alleged hoax of this magnitude could be kept secret by coercion of individuals or control of the media is disproved by the very fact that Sandy Hook “truthers” have been able to post this nonsense all over the internet for two years without consequence. If the Conspiracy can miraculously command perfect silence from the thousands who would have to be involved why can’t they stop all the keyboard commandos from going on and on about this? If someone were to have proof or inside knowledge where would they go? Why to the internet, of course, anonymously if so desired the same as most of the SH truthers. Once again, not a single insider has done so.

  22. 70 Who cares

    Chris, I happened on to your site from an American Digest link, just for the record. My, you are painting all conspiracy theorists (or event sceptics) with a broad brush and throwing in some amateur psychoanalysis to boot.Trust me, it is easier to believe a few psychotics are responsible for these horrible events than to face the possibility that your own government might be responsible or complicit in such mass deception. Giving some credence to a conspiracy theory can totally call into question one’s entire worldview and most bedrock beliefs, not a comfortable position to be in at all. If you would examine the facts of these events with an open mind, I think you would see the facts and the official narrative don’t mesh. All of the anomalies of Sandy Hook, for example, from the contradictory news reporting, the breaches of protocol, the police calls, the bizarre performance of the medical examiner, the strange behaviour of the bereaved parents (I assume you’ve seen the Robbie Parker video), the recent drill in the vicinity, the absence of any transparent physical evidence ( for example, no DNA from the alleged shooter on the weapon) could lead a reasonable person to question the official story. There are too many questions unanswered, and they aren’t questions about the nature of human evil. Take a second dispassionate look into the facts of the case. In my experience, the anger seems to be more intensely evident in people who feel their most basic assumptions about truth in media and trust in government are challenged by conspiracy theorists.

    • You’re off the mark on my reason for mocking conspiracy theorists (or skeptics, as there is no reason to be skeptical of the reported account other than belief in a government conspiracy). The alleged anomalies aren’t anomalies; contradictory news reporting happens in every major event. Breaches of protocol are to be expected at huge, confusing, stressful events that first responders are experiencing for the first time. The police calls certainly aren’t anomalies, they’re representative of a confusing scene. The ME’s “bizarre performance” is a subjective conclusion, likewise the “strange behavior” of the bereaved parents (which also, I should point out, makes you as much an amateur psychoanalyst as I am).

      SH didn’t “shake my bedrock faith in my government”. It simply reinforced my belief that some people are evil. And the continued “it’s a conspiracy” accusations reinforce my belief that some people can’t understand evidence, and instead choose to believe whatever makes them feel good about themselves.

  23. 72 Who cares

    Your points are valid; however, understanding that there is no hard and fast evidence doesn’t preclude using common sense. This event does not pass the smell test.

  24. 73 Who cares

    And if you believe the official narrative, why would you feel any psychological discomfort? I just wish our incurious media would ask Dr. Carver some follow up questions.

    • 74 Priscilla

      “Challenges to our worldviews or paradigms of belief are also quite jarring – they can unsettle our comfortable existence and lead us to question everything we held dear, and might even lead to psychological or spiritual crises when the consideration of being fundamentally in error is on the table.

      As a result, the ego erects a series of firewalls to protect its fragility in order to maintain the schemas, or archetypal systems of symbols, that have been erected in the mind since birth. These structures, even if manifestly in error, are still mysteriously propped up by the mind or ego because of the psyche’s desire for order and meaning – “everything in its place,” to quote Radiohead. However, for those who enter arenas where the goal is to challenge these structures of belief, such as religion, philosophy or even alternative information, being open to the possibility of change is required.

      In my experience, the process of continual learning has been the only path that resulted in true growth in understanding, while those who over the years were angered or frustrated by my own experiments in various paradigms became a thorn in the side. In my mind, this is a powerful vindication of the Dunning-Kruger effect, where the illusion of cognitive bias functions to give close-minded individuals an air of superiority, paradoxically unable to grasp how much they don’t know precisely because they presume to know. In such cases we have a powerful presentation of the ego point made above, that the fear of error and the unknown provokes the firewall reaction to prop up the existing paradigm lest the psyche undergo any tough transformation.”

      • 75 Yoyo

        My goodness Chris. We have a saying in my country ” only in America ” because no where else would human beings seriously believe that sandy hook is some kind of a false flag operation. I applaud. Your strength fighting with the tinfoil hat brigade. However as someone who worked for years in airport security I know these types are never satisfied. They are usually full of bile and racism like the anti Jewish crap from appolionium.
        You are probably on the other side of politics to me but hat tip to trying for rationality.

  25. 76 paranova9

    *laughs at my “tinfoil hat”…
    *huddles en masse around men wearing mitre fish hats…
    there’s no tin in my aluminum hat.

    don’t you all have beer to be drinking, lawns to be mowing, and football to be watching? how did you ever figure out how to get on the internet?

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