EBR: The Most Beautiful Battle Rifle EVAR


An article about the most beautiful battle rifle in the history of mankind has been published on The Mag Life. How do I know about the article, and how do I know that rifle is worth such praise? Because I wrote it about a rifle I carried: the M14 EBR Enhanced Battle Rifle.

Here’s a sample:

I lined up on a Talib with an AK. The snipers are probably both gonna hit the one with the PKM, I thought. But maybe they’ll let me have one of the others. The range was less than 500 meters, the Talibs had their backs to us, and their leisurely pace pretty much guaranteed I’d hit one even if it took a few shots. My main worry was that the French grunts would hose the whole Talib fire team before I got my kill. The only other opportunity I’d had to whack an identified Taliban had been foiled by a bad call from higher, but this would more than make up for it.

Hell, maybe this was the same guy I didn’t get to kill earlier in my deployment!

I put my trigger finger on the safety of my M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle (EBR), the most beautiful rifle in the entire world. As soon as the team leader gave the word, I’d flick the safety forward, yank my finger back to the trigger, apply the fundamentals, and scratch a 1 into the EBR’s stock. And I’d be the only non-sniper, non-grunt, intel weenie on my block to get a confirmed Talib with an M14…

You can read the whole thrilling, near and dear to my heart, battle rifle saga on The Mag Life: the MK14 EBR.

2 Responses to “EBR: The Most Beautiful Battle Rifle EVAR”

  1. 1 RandyGC

    Good story Chris!

  2. 2 David Hernandez

    With all the weapons you’ve tested, this is quite an endorsement.

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