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Nunez walked into the officers’ work room to hang out before his shift. He was drinking a Dr. Pepper he bought from a machine in the station, like he always did when he got to work early, just having a drink and relaxing before roll call. A dozen or so evening shift officers were there, […]

Here’s another chapter from Safe From the War. Previous chapters can be found at the following links: Hope you enjoy it, please hit me with comments. Thanks, Chris ****************************************** “Homicide division,” a pleasant female voice answered. “May I help you?” “Yes ma’am, you can,” Nunez said. “I’m looking for Detective Helmers. He […]

Links to other excerpts and chapters from Safe From the War are listed below: Thanks, Chris ********************************* CHAPTER 2 Nunez walked into the roll call room, just before a supervisor entered. After a few minutes Desk Sergeant Morrow finished calling out names and assignments, ending roll call amid the usual banter and […]

Other chapters and excerpts from Safe From the War can be found below: ****************************************** “204 dispatch, I’m arriving.” Sergeant Tillis, one of the few patrol sergeants Nunez thought was worth a damn, pulled off Hanley into the parking lot. He drove low and slow, only in a hurry when an officer was […]

My good friend and former partner, as in cop partner, not life partner, wrote this. I helped with editing and some other basics, but it’s his story. He said it’s partially based on a dream. Let me (and him) know what you think. —————————————————————– HIS CHOICE It was Monday, my day off, so I was […]