Heartfelt thanks (and a minor request)


In the last few days my blog has increased exponentially in readership and my book has actually moved to Amazon’s best seller list. Even though I know the bestseller status is temporary, it’s still an amazing, humbling experience. The way I feel about it, if just one person is interested in and moved by your writing you’ve accomplished something. If thousands of people are interested and moved, that’s something to value for the rest of your life. Thousands of people have read my blog recently, and that’s something I’m truly thankful for.

Several web sites have made this happen for me by linking to my blog, or reprinting specific essays. A partial list of sites I need to thank is below:









Plus several others. Thanks for linking, but more importantly thanks for helping spread the word about 2A rights. The people driving this debate (think senior administration officials) are the least informed and qualified, so it’s important to get qualified opinions out there. All the intelligent comments people have made about my blog posts are very helpful in that effort.

Now for the request: many people have bought my book over the last few days, and several people have commented here and elsewhere that they’ve already finished it. I’d ask that anyone who read the book to please post a short review on whatever site you bought it. I’m not looking for a plug, but for honest reviews. If you thought the book sucked, hit me with the truth. I won’t cry for real long :). Brutal truth helps me write better in the future, so I welcome any honest opinion.

Thanks again guys, and I’ll do my best to keep the writing interesting. I’m open to any ideas you guys have for future blog posts.

Chris Hernandez

18 Responses to “Heartfelt thanks (and a minor request)”

  1. Keep rocking w/ your talent Chris!

  2. Great writing, your book AND your blog.

  3. 5 Edward Hernandez

    I just read your book and let me tell you……You have a brother here forever!

  4. I assume, as a gun guy, you’re acquainted with Larry Correia. Have you thought about asking your readers to do a book bomb (he explains it here: http://larrycorreia.wordpress.com/2011/11/07/prepare-for-the-mother-of-all-book-bombs/)

  5. 9 Thad Pickard

    How about a link to your book?

  6. 11 SPEMack

    Just finished your book in class this morning. Just posted my review on Amazon. Good stuff, mano. Can’t wait to read anything else you got.

  7. 13 Grace P

    I purchased it for my Kindle this week and hope to start reading this weekend. Once I am done I will be happy to provide a review.

  8. Just posted a review at Amazon under one of my various online persona, hope it helps. You are a talented man, and as for real-life type writing, the kind that transports the reader to the place and time of the characters, your work in outstanding. The only book I enjoyed as much as yours, in recent times, was American Sniper by the late Chris Kyle, and my interest in that one was from a different angle. Keep up the good work, and best of luck on your next venture.

    • Thanks Slobyskya! I saw that review, owe you one for that. I’m glad you enjoyed the book and if you have any specific comments, please drop them on me.


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