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I am using this post to unashamedly beg for help. My fundraiser to print Proof of Our Resolve begins today. I have 60 days to raise $750 copies for the first print run. I figure if I can’t raise $750 in two months, my writing just sucks! There are rewards for different contribution amounts. […]

In the last few days my blog has increased exponentially in readership and my book has actually moved to Amazon’s best seller list. Even though I know the bestseller status is temporary, it’s still an amazing, humbling experience. The way I feel about it, if just one person is interested in and moved by your […]

I have a respectful request to any interested parties today. This post isn’t an opinion piece, cop story or war story. It’s an excerpt from the second novel in my series. I wrote the scene, pulled it out, and now I’m not sure whether it should be in or out. If you’re so inclined, please […]