Proof of Our Resolve: Begging to be Published


I am using this post to unashamedly beg for help. My fundraiser to print Proof of Our Resolve begins today. I have 60 days to raise $750 copies for the first print run. I figure if I can’t raise $750 in two months, my writing just sucks!

There are rewards for different contribution amounts. If anyone is crazy enough to donate $500, is male and doesn’t have too odd of a name, I’ll name one of the characters in my next novel after you.

If anyone wants to donate, you’ll have my eternal gratitude. Thanks in advance for any support, monetary or otherwise.


4 Responses to “Proof of Our Resolve: Begging to be Published”

  1. 1 Mike Ford

    Should add a level for just a red-shirt 😉 Military fiction isn’t really my thing, but I tossed in a few bucks. Good luck to you. I’ve enjoyed your stories and essays here.

  2. 2 Joshua Morris

    $20 sent. Good luck, Chris.

  3. 2/3 of your goal already in a couple of hours- not bad!

  4. $1225 raised in less than 24 hours. With an original goal of $750 we hoped to raise within 60 days. You guys are awesome.

    To anyone who contributed, critiqued or just sent good thoughts, I owe you all.

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