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Today isn’t about saving an additional 10% on shoes at the mall. Today is for all those who stood ready to charge across the last few hundred yards of enemy territory, under fire, to carry forward our country’s ideals and values. It’s a day I honor all veterans, but especially those who stood beside me […]

NOTE: This was written after Veterans Day 2012, and still applies today. I experienced something recently that I have to talk about. I’m pissed off about thisĀ and need to get it out now, while it’s still fresh. Monday November 12th my wife and I went to a couple of restaurants that were offering free meals […]

In 1991 my Marine Reserve unit was mobilized for Desert Storm. Sort of. The paperwork said it was for Desert Storm, but we got our orders the day the war ended. A week later my unit convoyed from Camp Pendleton to the Marine base at 29 Palms, California. The day we arrived, the community was […]