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A couple of days ago I read an article from the UK’s Daily Mail. It was about a young American veteran, Lauren Kay Johnson, and how service in Afghanistan affected her. Since returning home three years ago, she’s lost interest in many things she used to enjoy. She feels like life here is trivial […]

A regular Army infantry officer and I on a mission in the Tagab Valley, Kapisa Province. What does this picture have to do with the story below? Nothing at all! I have a major writing project I’m working on, so I’m not going to be writing much original stuff for a while. I’m going to […]

Here’s another chapter from Safe From the War. Previous chapters can be found at the following links: Hope you enjoy it, please hit me with comments. Thanks, Chris ****************************************** “Homicide division,” a pleasant female voice answered. “May I help you?” “Yes ma’am, you can,” Nunez said. “I’m looking for Detective Helmers. He […]

The post I wrote about working with the French Army has gotten more attention than almost anything else I’ve written. Many readers, both French and American, have commented here, on and on several other sites where my blog was shared. A short email interview with me was published on the French military blog MarsAttaque […]

Des soldats de l’US Army avec des tireurs d’élite des Troupes de Marine français et des contrôleurs aériens de l’Armée de l’Air sur la FOB Morales-Frasier, province de Kapisa, Afghanistan, automne 2009. L’auteur se trouve à gauche du drapeau breton, avec une casquette camouflée. En Afghanistan, j’ai travaillé au côté de l’Armée Française. Cela m’a […]